Dispatch of network of collect lake home: To propose concept of contemporary and civilized traffic, the highway code knowledge that enhances community adolescent further and security go a consciousness, on June 6 afternoon, workstation of new beautiful community was held in new beautiful park ” little hand pulls old hand to go together in safety ” traffic safety knowledge gains ground into community activity. Activity at the beginning, safe adviser passes data and example above all a few more derivative traffic safety knowledge, be aimed at teenager children group, the analysis that has explain the profound things in a simple way with real case explains, the control that makes little boys better traffic label and traffic common sense. The traffic setting that having next experiences link, children come to simulative traffic spot, follow the traffic common sense below state of adviser study reality. Grab in vivid and interesting knowledge answer link, face the adviser’s query, children you one character I one language, everybody upsurges enthusiasticly, active and active participation comes in interact, answered correct child to still obtain elegant little gift. “My child does not like as dry as a chip knowledge to explain, but the mobile form that this kind of contain teachs Yu Le makes enthusiasm of my home child particularly tall ” attendant parents are profuse in praise to this activity, think this kind of traffic installs all-knowing knowledge to take the activity of community, make children are playing a middle school, play in learn, mastered traffic safety ABC better. The traffic safety community of the job of small fact of the people’s livelihood that this Party committee of new beautiful community holds goes ” little hand pulls old hand to go together in safety ” activity, make community adolescent cogent realise consciousness abides by the importance of compasses of Road Traffic Law, prevented the happening of teenage traffic accident from fountainhead, get the accord of community adolescent parents reputably.



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