Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Father resembles is a beacon, every how-to child’s ongoing direction. When father’s day comes, on June 15, 2019 afternoon, the community below workstation of the community below Party committee of the community below col, col, col is resided appoint meeting, party of the community below col group the service center launchs issue of small fact of the people’s livelihood jointly ” if hill · cherish is thankful,father loves ” father’s day is close child activity. This second activity with ” my father calls Jiao Ni ” draw reachs spot handiwork to make originally ” T-shirt unlined upper garment ” for agency, let kiss child the joint in festal atmosphere operation, love that expresses pair of father, promote close child between to interactive. Guide in what the company is versed in below, this activity with ” my father is best ” sign language begin sends respected and beloved father. Kiss for education child feeling, company project is guided close child people read classical draw together this ” my father calls Jiao Ni ” , in interactive process children say: “I have a tenderness, father that loves me, resemble the father with euqally warm sunshine, I also can resemble the introduction with surname euqally proud Mu from already father. . . Etc. Children were used from the realest already feeling to express the love to father, let children can grow in happy environment. In the enunciative link of love, how a child installs such is opposite father say: “Acknowledgment father mother accompanies me to grow, give me a lot of love and pleasure, thank father mother, also wish father father’s day is happy! ” what father touchs on the spot is a little excited, say to An An: “Father also thanks your arrival, hope you are OK health grows happily, father mother can love you forever ” . Then, in sweet and cheerful atmosphere, the parent and child make jointly lifelike ” T-shirt unlined upper garment ” , the father that is oneself served warm warm blessing, condensing oneself are right father’s love and be thankful, father’s day activity laughed at the picture in language to go up in a joyous sound perfect full stop. This second activity is thing of small fact of the people’s livelihood of the community below col ” the magic square of love ” the family teachs one of project activities, carry this second activity, not only promotional the feeling between father and child, let children know the love that expresses pair of father with his means, and strengthened pair of community cheeper be thankful education, let father experience the joy that to the child growing place brings and happiness!



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