Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Be opposite to make community dweller understands drugs further the society, harm sex to the family, make everybody collective boycott drugs together, participate in the fight that prohibit toxin, common form builds the community of civilized harmony, provide favorable social environment, new south community Party committee, house appoint, party group community of service center combination bans poisonous company project to was in 9:30 in the morning on June 12, 2019 square of antarctic road originality was begun ” strengthen compose of the conduct propaganda that prohibit toxin to build harmonious society ” the conduct propaganda that gives priority to a problem teachs an activity. Pensile banner is carried in the activity, extend prohibit toxin, sweep black except foldout of evil conduct propaganda, and the spot seeks advice wait for means to undertake. The staff member introduced the concept of drugs, sort and the harm to human body to the dweller, use the means that lists instance, told about the harm that drugs causes to family and society, remind everybody to want to raise ego to be on guard consciousness, refuse and be far from drugs, raise ego to protect ability, the knowledge prohibiting toxin that encourages everybody to will understand is publicized to the person beside, remind numerous people to pay attention to safety to be on guard consciousness, prevent of all kinds illegal criminality, discover experience poisonous behavior tells community in time, the life property that guarantees oneself and domestic person is safe. This second before propaganda has more than 50 dweller, will surround view understanding, extend in all propagandist foldout more than 100.   


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