Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 6, 2019 morning, peaceful community Party committee, workstation, house appoint the member that can organize good community contact is begun in edifice of Pacific Ocean trade sweep black except evil propaganda. Mobile spot, peaceful community staff member, reseau member and good community contact member people extend to the dweller sweep black except data of evil conduct propaganda, the introduction is swept black the method that exposes black vicious power except evil intent, impeach and specific content, still publicize through unscrambling relevant and typical case at the same time sweep black except evil law laws and regulations, make broad masses deep realise experience black experience is evil the serious harm sex of illegal crime. After the activity ends, community staff member and good community contact member visit area under administration together, come to visit conduct propaganda, distribute ” sweep black travel together except evil civil administration and you ” conduct propaganda is odd 80. Let a dweller have more comprehensive knowledge to black vicious power, make dweller of area under administration sufficient realise better ” sweep black except evil ” the great sense of special accuse and denounce at a meeting.


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