Dispatch of network of collect lake home: “Listen to the expert’s lecture, benefit a lot. Expect Liu to establish expert half an year to be able to come lecture of cervine red village. Thank community to be opposite very the care of better meticulously! I love my home! ” plum the aunt listens share excitedly after the lecture. On June 15, 2019, by Shenzhen city science and technology of collect lake area innovates association of science and technology sponsors Luo Hu district of city of bureau, Shenzhen, the division in Shenzhen city thinks of center of exploratory study of science of Da Qing’s teenager to undertake, party of community of village of red of Party committee of community of cervine red village, deer group city of association of old people of community of village of red of service center, deer, Shenzhen is sweet the company is versed in service center assist the China that do popular science of group of speech of popular science writer is big schoolroom the first, ” how to live to be 100 years old, you do your health advocate ” in party of community of Lu Dan village group service center assembly room pulled open heavy curtain, bring popular science of a hard nucleus for the dweller ” storm ” . This second lecture holds secretary-general Liu concurrently to establish give a lecture by vice director of council of major of speech of popular science of association of writer of Chinese popular science. Lecture beginning, company project is better people instructor of introductory Liu Li, the importance of knowledge of derivative and healthy popular science and necessity. Subsequently instructor with PPT tuitional give priority to, interactive communication is complementary the cause of formation that the form explains common chronic for better and how to prevent. Better people serious listen to a talk, often raise the question that oneself face in daily life, ground of instructor explain the profound things in a simple way uses the means of citing to undertake be solved in detail and offerring reasonable proposal. The person that this second lecture makes community long not only experienced the consideration of community, also let its understand the knowledge of more and healthy preserve one’s health, raise the healthy consciousness of community better further, knew the value that holds a hopeful and active state of mind.



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