Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Annual Chinese traditional festival ” dragon boat festival ” forthcoming, party committee of emerald green smooth community looks at developing item of small fact of the people’s livelihood on June 6 morning ” happiness is emerald green smooth warm heart acts ” project of care of better of emerald green smooth community, constituent justice labour and company were versed in that day people for community 30 special better are offerred come care serves. In the activity, the staff member is risking torrid weather to will express sympathy and solicitude for article in the home that sends special better, understood their body circumstance and domesticity recent situation, all sorts of problems that listen to them to put forward seriously, encourage them to open heart door leaf not to close oneself, accumulate what ecstasy watchs to face the life henceforth. This ” happiness is emerald green smooth warm heart acts ” activity of dragon boat festival expressing sympathy and solicitude for, the aspirations that understood better not only and expect, also pull close each other distance, let community the festive atmosphere that these special groups feel a red-letter day ahead of schedule, more the harmony that promoted emerald green smooth community develops.


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