Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Thing of small fact of the people’s livelihood of lake look community ” speed and passion ” — project of training of model of remote control car was in afternoon on June 13 the 3rd class that playground of lake shellfish elementary school began actual combat to train. To inspect the result that car model trains nearly a few days, in activity of this training class of model of car of second remote control, ability of hand of many 30 racing bicycle is sent more apparent, cent of our will outstanding cycle racing hand has man-to-man imitate competition for two groups. In imitate contest, circuit undertook updating, by original short be apart from the circuit that circle a circle to change for the more complex L path that circle column, training hind suits in what had the L way that circle column, did taller upgrade, undertake trigonometry winds column way. Force of car model labor is waited for hair, let go the arrow inferiors horse to leave spring when be born, the training of much day has positive result eventually, children are emulative the heart is strong, win for contention, however oversight of skill accuse, often appear then the accident circumstance of car vehicle barge against. “You are to should win, how should you win, above all you want first him conquer, is not to often thinking conquer others! ” the coach teachs children to want to live firmly state of mind, encourage with ability get victory, outwit, intrigue against each other of and rather than.



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