Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 24, 2019 morning, in Party committee of bank hill community support energetically below, party of bank hill community group the service center called together a flock of teenage volunteers, began ” chase after dream new journey, the volunteer is acting ” justice labour sweeps adolescent of bank hill block activity. The activity called together more than 20 adolescent in all, everybody puts on bright-coloured justice labour to take, take rubbish clip and rubbish bag to get ready wait for hair. Although weather has a place a little cloudy, and weather forecast also shows will rain, everybody small volunteers still spirit enlivens, take out as if want broom the imposing manner of this haze, each ground eliminates the ground to go up, all sorts of peel wastepaper in brushwood, butt, plastic pack. Cooperate of place favour the ruler of heaven, did not rain during the activity, whole sweep an activity to be finished satisfactorily. The accord that this outdoors activity obtained volunteers reputably, parents also nod assist in succession. Bank hill community is a big family, clear street the home that is guarding oneself namely, the hope can have more volunteers to join our procession, make good home jointly!


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