Dispatch of network of collect lake home: To meet father’s day, promote goodness of tradition of the Chinese nation, stimulative community family is harmonious. On June 15, 2019 afternoon, party of boreal station community group the service center was begun ” draw character tells father, draw heart hold hand “- – boreal station community is teenage father’s day draw works originally lane, this the activity shares 20 community children to participate in. Afternoon 3 o’clock sharp, the activity is punctual begin. This activity above second ” my father ” this story activity is draw foundation, this section handiwork makes together with the activity will help community adolescent meet father’s day. Mobile beginning, the company is versed in the purpose that introduced this activity above all and handiwork make circuit. Next, company project dominant, justice labour is assisted, the parent from by how-to, collective organization children make father’s day gift — conch picture, in children their spirit thinks of fine at hand, made a conch picture that beautiful Huan of United States annulus is full of love again. During whole activity, children are thrown seriously go in, the father that is oneself makes a gift. After the activity ends, children represent ten apart hearts.



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