Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 13, 2019 afternoon, in Party committee of people bridge community support energetically below, party of people bridge community group the service center was begun with ” sweet bursa of embroider of a dab hand, in all appraise neighborhood situation ” the community activity that gives priority to a problem. This activity purpose, to promote the communication between community dweller and communication, the friendship between promotional dweller, enhance community cohesive affinity. The activity attracted 40 community dweller to attend in all. The activity begins, company project introduced the content of this activity and purpose to the dweller, guide spot dweller to make warm up game, let a dweller be in game understand one another, mutual understanding. Subsequently, company project reveals the sweet bursa package that has made first before to spot dweller to look, beautiful sweet bursa drew the spot all dwellers, dweller of too impatient to wait want to learn. Make move to let those who master Bao Xiangnang the dweller is fast, company project introduction and spot set an example ” embroider sweet bursa ” method, issue material package to everybody. The material such as needlework, herbal, cloth piece, because pinhole is too small, the company is versed in the dweller with active help older age does sewing work, some aunts take out the presbyopic glasses that carries, follow the move that the company is versed in, the string with stitch serious stitch comes, among them some aunt starts are slower, ask urgently with respect to understanding ” how is this done next, my how doesn’t the bag rise. . . . . ” , dwellers discuss each other rise, use here plain knit, tibetan needle is used over there, the place that does not know is helped each other, the spot be in harmony of its Le Rong, a joy is marine. Not a little while each delicate sweet bursa appears in everybody before. Everybody is taking his sweet bursa group photo gladly, experiencing thick neighborhood atmosphere.


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