Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Begin for development ” safe production month ” activity, do rescuing work of lash-up of gas station of good area under administration, raise danger to change taste management industry meet an urgent need to come to help deal with ability, examine lash-up beforehand of the case practical the duty that reachs employee to whether make clear his and lash-up action program, increase the capacity that prevents accident, counteractive accident. On June 25, deputy director general of Jiang Deyuan of area lash-up bureau takes pond of division of team fire prevention and cure, lotus street and public safety does a staff member jointly with in Petroleum Company of Luo Hu of petrifaction Guangdong Shenzhen begins lash-up to deal with jointly beforehand proposal practice. This lash-up deals with beforehand proposal practice content, undertook turning over those who fear common sense to explain to gas station staff member firstly, the use of the explosion proof equipment such as fork of cruel to preventing steel had demonstrative teacher and student, in imitate drilling, when gas station employee is working normally, when suddenly a gangster rushs to have charge into gas station, gas station staff member if hold fork of explosion proof steel,should subdue the gangster. Drilling scene distinct, movement reachs the designated position, jammed effectively public security is on guard flaw, make gas station staff member got personal feeling fact is held, igneous affection is broken out when secondly drilling imitate is cheered, how should the staff member hold fire extinguisher to hurry to the spot quickly to extinguish fire successfully. After drilling ends, deputy director general of Jiang Deyuan of area lash-up bureau points out when comment on, lash-up drilling is to increase come to help beforehand case applicability and maneuverability, promotion lash-up handles the significant step of ability, each unit should edit further perfect lash-up beforehand case, strengthen lash-up handling of goods, begin actual combat drilling regularly, ceaseless promotion lash-up deals with ability. Once produce an accident,ensure can rapid appropriate deals with, fall the loss to lowest. Deal with through lash-up beforehand of proposal practice begin, examined the lash-up of personnel of operation of production of a gleam of deals with ability, promoted safety of gas station staff member to be on guard consciousness and those who answer sudden incident is fast deal with ability and level of lash-up actual combat.


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