Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Item of small fact of the people’s livelihood began to look in phoenix community workstation on June 13, 2019 afternoon: Phoenix community slow life overflows art — the hand makes art allow an activity of more beautiful series cloth art wraps the 2nd field handiwork. Every schoolgirl can have a few packages that she likes in daily life, just be bought finished product package. This the activity makes dwellers organic meet his to kiss automatic hand to make a cloth that he likes art bag, because this activity got the warm reception of dweller female. The teacher before the activity planned all sorts of beautiful cotton print meticulously for everybody, with manual cloth art bag includes made relevant material and tool. The teacher in the activity introduced cloth art to include packet of made basic method, in the teacher guide below, everybody a measure of a measure follow a teacher to be made together, look originally be like the cloth that finishs very hard art bag, final authority was finished. The bag bag that the dwellers after the activity ends feel he are made is particularly beautiful, and particularly significant, because oneself are made with one’s own hands, wrap packet of meaning to differ completely with bought finished product so. Dwellers state so significant activity often can be begun. Art makes the life better, in experience art while experience good life. Make all sorts of good thing through both hands, will dress up our life with this, the life that lets us becomes more and more beautiful, everybody is holding such hand in the arms to make artistic concept expect series leaves first phase activity together.



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