Dispatch of network of collect lake home: “The mother is in one child cold, the parent goes 3 child odd ” Min caustic uses him to pure holy then filial piety heart touchs world, circulate up to now. On June 14, 2019 afternoon, children are assembled in in party of red village community group service center 2 buildings, everybody is being eulogized jointly ” garment of Min caustic reed ” story of classical moral education. Inheritance is classical, “Excessive of book sweet Si ” read the 4th times conference panel was pulled open in the story in heaven and earth of feeling of this filial piety prelusive. Children are watched silently, the arrival of the silent member that awaiting other group. “Bang ” , ” bang ” the body directive that the applause of sparse is versed in as the company rang. A group novel and interesting ” take a control ” the atmosphere that little game drove the spot, also drove the attention of children at the same time. “Be thankful ” it is the mankind’s most exalted moral character. And touching ” filial piety heart ” it is to be thankful to be conveyed best. Liu Cheng Cheng, Guo Mingjie, the head of child start shooting of two one grade prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan, be thankful for what everybody shares them to plan a long time conte ” the chrysanthemum in harships ” . One cadges the child that make a living, although be sufferred from again, also want to serve his filial piety meaning for gone mother. Next, two children are Chen Wei, Cui Zihan everybody was brought be thankful story ” a liliaceous breastpin ” , story hero secretly the scrape up pocket money such as the skin that collect paper, reject, to be in mother’s day sent mom a liliaceous breastpin that day. The story is clear and touching, moving each participants. Invite us finally red village is the most beautiful sound ” Xue Rongrong ” tell about for us ” eagle and chickling ” story. Eaglet lives in henroost together because of good luck coincidence and gallinaceous mom and chickling as a child. It does not know it is an eaglet all the time, until be discovered by accipitral mom. It is become through its effort finally hover the lanneret at horizon. Story very encourage annals, yu Yi is very deep. The story that share has Yu Yi very much, each meaning still did not use up the participant. Because this weekday is father’s day, company project is everybody designedly handpick a small video that loves about father—” my father is a common security personnel ” . “Is years static good? It is the travel before somebody loads silently for you only. ” the life is to be thankful everywhere, need a pair of eyes of discovery, heart of a holy. This has been the 4th period read group, the participant is more and more enthusiastic, more and more eagerly. The story that after the activity ends, clustering round to want to sign up for period of under one’s name in succession is shared. Of the current year read the group is acted through game, part reach be thankful the different kind such as video, let the child see, hear all sorts of touching story; to be experienced, learn to differ ” the heart that be thankful ” . Book is inky medium street lamp, for your differentiate direction, bring the travel before the road. Begin inside community be thankful read meeting, be just as the street lamp that is the advancement on child place, let them fall in love with read, the society is thankful, know be thankful.



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