Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Classify consciousness to promote community dweller rubbish further, popularize rubbish to classify basic common sense, on June 26, 2019 morning, the community below workstation of the community below Party committee of the community below col, col, col is resided appoint can begin rubbish actively to classify the public to teach dandelion to plan a lecture. The advantage that Sun Jing of instructor of plan of rubbish classification dandelion passed the form of graph Wen Bingmao what to explain to everybody is rubbish classification, rubbish classification, harm that how undertakes rubbish classification and harmful rubbish are not classified, and everybody joins the call plan of rubbish classification dandelion, like letting rubbish classify this civilized seed to resemble dandelion, travel ceaselessly diffuse, rooted in people heart gemmiparous, let everybody become the advocate that rubbish classifies and actor. Classify a lecture through rubbish, make a dweller sufficient recognize the value that rubbish classifies, express to groom this in succession very significant.


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