Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 19 afternoon, collect lake area east the lake is street begin in park of emerald green lake ” the whole people of fitness of the whole people is healthy ” activity, started area under administration 300 much dwellers are participated in eagerly. Through healthy knowledge contest, gout motion is entered close, beat one’s brains starts work use a base, experience the joy of healthy motion together, elevate healthy consciousness of the dweller further. Zhengliguang of director of bureau of health of collect lake sanitation and east the lake is street the party is versed in appoint clerical Cheng Shiju, National People’s Congress is versed in appoint the member of street leading group such as director Xie Tongmin also was joined together ” health of the whole people of fitness of the whole people ” of the activity. The activity that day is in youth of brilliant brilliant nursery school is beautiful beautiful the dancing of teachers — ” every day up ” in pull open prelusive, the citizen that uses the air of feeling to allow the site also is waved as metre rise. The bud child of this nursery school people start ” wash one’s hands dance ” , lively and lovely about wins an applause. 12 delegations began healthy knowledge race subsequently, they are in formulary time, should finish design beforehand problem of on answering question board 10 healthy knowledge, when the basis is used, calculate with achievement mark. Although the title is not much, but answering question time is limited, each delegations are very more enthusiastic than going all out. The members of each team are discussing each other, together ” brains storm ” , think way is quick answering question, spot atmosphere is rising. “Brains storm ” end, gymnastical coach immediately appearances, guide warm up of start of many 300 dweller to hold, spot atmosphere at a draught hey rise. Warm up ends, 12 teams begin to go to walk with vigorous strides of pan mountain green line, participate in start challenge, midway challenge, terminus to challenge the gout challenge of 3 link. The gout challenge in green line start is ” 69 seconds not NG ” , include 3 challenges job completely — deliver healthy, show arm of pressing plate skip, report amounts to a person. Midpoint challenge is ” hurry-scurry ” , originality takes a picture dozen of card two activities, terminal ” health spells a plan ” . Many challenger move at the same time at the same time mirth, atmosphere is lively. In the meantime, team member people also should take ” reasonable and prandial ” ” smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline is restricted wine ” ” day goes 10 thousand paces eat move two balances ” wait for many brands, place of all kinds Pose ” originality takes a picture dozen of card ” , transmit friend circle seeks support. Final, emerald green roc community delegation carried off first prize, cloth heart and golden lake community got second-class award, east happy, big look, community of emerald green lake won third class award. The activity is medium that day, investment of peak of Shenzhen city beautiful accuses benefit of city of a group limited company, Shenzhen to issued trade limited company to sponsor healthy gift for this second motion. East the lake is street the party is versed in appoint clerical Cheng Shiju expresses, east the lake is street hold to green to develop a concept all the time, active compose is built ” appropriate of course of study of fitting room appropriate swims ” east lake beauty block, health is east the main component of lake beauty block. In recent years, east the lake is street range also has deepness ground to be advanced continuously ” healthy east lake ” construction, he hopes to be chance to build whole society to pay close attention to healthy grumous atmosphere with this activity, promote the healthy accomplishment of broad dweller masses the standard hard. It is reported, since last year east ministry of general affairs of street the people’s livelihood explores the lake to support pattern to the side of special family ceaselessly, built multivariate the side supports the care system with a variety of safeguard of main body, multinomial the people’s livelihood, placatory psychology, support care into v/arc trade association to special family. Invite Luo Hu for many times hospital group doctor, to community justice examine, begin deep ” the party is built + healthy ” series conduct propaganda serves an activity, take community, into campus, into the enterprise, begin ” send knowledge, send health, send care, send a service ” activity, raise level of accomplishment of health of masses of dweller of area under administration effectively, to found ” healthy east lake ” lay next good foundations.



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