Dispatch of network of collect lake home: To abound community woman amateur culture lives, enhance the communication of community woman and communication, promote oneself ability and confidence, bamboo shoot on the west community party group the service center was in on June 25, 2019 bamboo shoot on the west community is muti_function room began ” the heart has Ling Xi ” DIY cloth works occasionally mill activity. The activity begins, the company is versed in the way that makes occasionally in the light of cloth, method undertook explaining in detail to everybody, still do not have labour waiting for a company to be told, some participants were made with respect to the beginning of too impatient to wait. What this the activity makes is animal doll, have 5 different variety, have complex also have want to be opposite simple, the staff member is busy side has line of wanted personnel thread a needle, within call. Major participant is cloth of first time tailor occasionally, feel fresh amused. In moving back and forth, everybody makes a round trip in stitch a gleam of is to always enjoy it, mirth sound blast a pleasant to hear. Some participants say: “Previously I all along won’t needlework is vivid, because often enter the activity that you develop,be, I now very meeting tailor. ” coach in what the company is versed in and cooperate to fall, everybody of in spirits finished him cloth occasionally work, use the animal showed a lifelike small cartoon ” the glamour on finger tip, ” starting work the joy that beat one’s brains experienced DIY to experience in medium, active exploration.


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