Dispatch of network of collect lake home: To widen network of community better communication, raise better to share the enthusiasm of recreational study: Party of cheerful day community group service center on June 20, 2019 in the morning at 10 o’clock, began in assembly room of workstation of cheerful day community ” play turn current aircraft ” machine of intelligence of better of cheerful day community studies a group last group activity. This group recruit arrived 12 community better. Cent of this second group altogether is 7, company of each group activity is versed in besides the person that take neckline people besides the method that study intelligence machine uses, company project still is group a setting is interactive link: “Who is guessing me ” , ” fresh gale is blown ” ” peach flower ” wait for broken ice interactive game, group member people actively is participated in among them. Share through team game, oneself from which experience and harvest. After interacting, company project is group member people show the PPT tax that gets ready ahead of schedule, study with the way that knows easily simply content explains group member people listen, group of emersion field guidance member follow PPT course will operate, encourage group member discuss each other and help each other. From first group member people the dependence that is versed in to the company, to can own later exploration; of skill of intelligent aircraft study realises study is the importance of pair of life and senile life, can experience the glamour that reviews in group activity middle school from which. Every learn knowledge of a group, why company project can assign home work, encourage group member learning group li of work that shows oneself, group member people each is active share, everybody nods assist each other, better intelligence machine learns group in building the study atmosphere with active, cheerful deeply. In the company labour announces the group ends, when distributing opinion feedback to express, group the aunt shows a king: Thank association of old people of community Party committee, community very much, found the platform of so good communication and study for community better, the skill that can let oneself acquire a lot of mobile phones to use and intellectual; also thank a company to be versed in very much at the same time people, every class makes PPT tax meticulously synchronous education, let oneself can master learns knowledge immediately. Follow-up community him activity still can continue to attend actively certainly. The knowledge that this second group makes community better acquired intelligent machine to use not only, also let group member people the joy that experiences study from which, it is them to have positive effect in the following study and living.