Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 26 morning, “Green is avirulent, healthy life, the whole people prohibits toxin ” — hillock of bamboo shoot of Luo Hu area is street ” 6.26 ” international stands poisonous day propaganda is held in Hong Hu park, this the activity bans poison to do guidance by collect lake area, street agency sponsors bamboo shoot hillock, big lake park assist do, aim to advance the whole people to ban poisonous project deep, raise dweller of street area under administration to know poison, gas defence ability, raise the consciousness that prohibit toxin, form everybody to participate in the fight that prohibit toxin, achieve the favorable situation of harmonious society in all. Mobile spot set 2 area in all, it is area of the conduct propaganda that prohibit toxin, advocate if extend to the dweller,ban poison to publicize a data, combine the body organ model of the emulation drugs model that show and drug taking around, explain the harm of drugs knowledge and drugs to the dweller. 2 it is to ban poisonous interactive area, through ” indignant birdie ” , ” annulus swims the world ” , the game of the theme that prohibit toxin such as experience of imitate of the VR that prohibit toxin, improve the knowledge that the dweller endangers to drugs. Finally, the dweller goes up in chance of the sign that prohibit toxin in succession, write down oneself prohibit toxin enunciative, to drugs Say No. This the activity elevated the consciousness of the dweller that prohibit toxin, cogent advanced bamboo shoot hillock street the whole people bans poisonous project carry out, built achieve harmonious society in all good atmosphere. The activity attracted more than 500 dweller to attend in all, extend data of the conduct propaganda that prohibit toxin more than 1000, mobile gift more than 300.


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