Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 18 morning, sanitation of country of transmit of bureau of health of sanitation of area of basis collect lake is healthy appoint the announcement drive that general office begins senile 2019 health to publicize week of activity about the organization, by east street agency sponsors the lake, courtyard of traditional Chinese medical science of collect lake area, east the lake is street old assist assist do ” know healthy knowledge, do healthy old person ” the old people health that gives priority to a problem publicizes justice examine activity, be in this morning east center of happy community activity is held, enter this activity have east street agency vice director holds the lake concurrently Zhang Cuigong of minister of ministry of general affairs of the people’s livelihood, undersecretary Linzhen is suitable, east the lake is old assist two vice-chairman, secretary-general and the chairman of 12 community, the partial old people of vice-chairman and area under administration is close 100 people. For health of body of person of old age of farther care area under administration, enhance consciousness of old people health, raise accomplishment of old people health and healthy level, build the social environment that is helpful for old people health, begin here today ” know healthy knowledge, do healthy old person ” the senile and healthy propaganda that gives priority to a problem, east for a special purpose of department of general affairs of street the people’s livelihood invited the lake the chairman doctor of the hospital in Luo Hu and nurse, mobile spot in order to hang health justice examine, examine system freely, health seeks advice, extend the means such as propagandist data undertakes conduct propaganda, cure protects personnel to admit to explain the healthy knowledge that prevent disease to old people really, all sorts of problems that remind them to should notice in daily life, solved the respect of medical treatment health that old people puts forward patiently seek advice, come to be not justice examine examines the old person that the respect goes out. Carry this activity, old people of more serious effective help area under administration understands his body situation further, seasonable him discovery puts the disease hidden trouble that be in, old people is mixed through checkup seek advice, raised the control to healthy knowledge not only, also experienced party and government to be opposite at the same time old people body and mind takes seriously healthily and care, be opposite in the life henceforth oneself life state pays close attention to more.   


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