Dispatch of network of collect lake home: To raise dweller of area under administration healthy to oneself attention is spent, enhance consciousness of ego health care and flu precaution consciousness, on June 20 afternoon, party of snail mountain community group the service center cooperates with volunteer of hospital of dawn of Shenzhen city humanitarian is in get together dragon edifice square is begun ” love justice examine, service common people ” snail mountain community justice examine civilian activity. Activity that day, sign up what the dweller that enters an activity is versed in in the company is how-to below ordinal undertake measuring examination of blood pressure, oral cavity, consultation. While justice examine doctor undertakes oral cavity examination and spot interrogation for every dweller, conduct propaganda explains healthy common sense and knowledge of summertime health care, lead dweller nurturance science, wholesome, healthy way of life. Old person of partial advanced age suffers from the chronic such as hypertensive, tall blood sugar, edge of justice examine doctor measures blood sugar seriously to old people, the state of illness that enquires old people carefully and the circumstance that use drug, offer according to checking a result wholeheartedly the healthy guidance that use drug. This justice examine activity lasts in all two half hours, it is area under administration in all more than 50 dweller popularizes health to teach knowledge, let a dweller enjoy convenient, high grade medical treatment to serve, got dwellers nod assist. This activity, enhanced snail mountain dwellers to be spent to healthy attention not only, the happy feeling that also exalted dwellers at the same time and satisfaction are spent, true carry out went the company is versed in + justice labour serves a concept, built healthy, harmonious community atmosphere.


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