Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 26, 2019 morning at 9 o’clock, experience the consideration of community to let establish the better of new community, enhance neighborhood between familiar degree, close density. In establish new community Party committee, establish new community / street of academy of classical learning is resided appoint, Luo Hu area east the door is street the people’s livelihood is small below support of solid item purpose, establish new community party group the project of company of be good at scene of the service center, in establish new garden 13 G layer was held ” share good home ” establish birthday of new community collective to meet the 2nd. Activity the first program is company project people make video small movie technically for this second activity ” the story of I and Luo Hu ” . Those who pull open this second activity is prelusive. Video adopts the form that cover, let establish new community 4 old dwellers tell the old story that tells oneself and Luo Hu, they are had a plenty of live formerly dweller, have a plenty of the ox of open up wasteland that comes at the beginning of 80 time, they witnessed Luo Hu grow, in the day that builds a division 40 years in collect lake area, they thank party and government jointly with such form. The 2nd back-to-back program is ” Luo Hu, the memory that there are you here ” , through recollecting old photograph of Luo Hu, guess the game way of place name. Aim promotional those this close density between. The old picture that carries spot much Zhang Zhengui, the great change that witnessed Luo Hu 40 years, old people deep feeling stares a photograph, recollect the dribs and drabs in the past, mutual tell the story yesterday. The 3rd program is by week company of the center labour deep feeling sings song ” billows sound as before ” . In libretto: “The month falls the hardships of a journey or of one’s life that black caw always is chiliad, billows sound disappears as before at the outset night, today’s how do we repeat the story yesterday. ” in exquisite singing and Fu Yun affective libretto foils below, the theme that meets with this second birthday comparatives be identical, stamp became medium the memory aspirations of old people, spot old friend starts affection cantata. The 4th program is the dance of Good Boy street that comes from the little girls that add Hua Youer garden to perform, passion the bend power show of 4 ejaculation dancing and children, dance appearance blossoms infinite and wonderful, the implied meaning recalls dream new era, witnessed growing force of Luo Hu. Will whole activity is pushed to the climax. Surprise again and again, perhaps be affected by the sweet atmosphere of the spot, the staff member tall elder brother of our community, extemporaneous play, sing opera arias a song ” mother ” . Give attendant old friend people true blessing. You resemble the mother that is me, witness me grow, also witnessed Luo Hu grow. The activity is last, we prepared sweet cake, candle of the birthday on the dot, in put the palms together of double hand of the everybody in the beatific sound of birthday song, make next good wishes. In the atmosphere of a harmonious warmth, everybody samples at the same time cake, chat happily at the same time. This second activity passes the people’s livelihood of collect lake area the better that form of purpose of small solid matter is community people the platform that built a mutual communication, encourage love of neighborhood coadjutant each other, build good home in all, at the same time also to better people deliver care, let old people experience community the warmth of this big family. Expect to issue arrival, we agree you!


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