Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 17 morning, by lotus pond street agency sponsors with ” windbreak danger, except accident of hidden trouble, check ” those who give priority to a problem activity of safe production month started ceremony and emerald green Yuan Jiayuan 2019 activity of drilling of lash-up of project ministry sudden incident changes square in Xi Lingwen. Street do vice director Zhu Guiming, Luo Hu area lash-up management board, street police station, Huang Bei is fire control squadron, street manage pool of each community workstation, lotus street area under administration is in build representing of the unit such as enterprise of key of building site, street community, enterprise to wait in all one person. The ceremonially that start, lotus pond is street did vice director Zhu Guiming to put forward to asked at 3 o’clock to secure job: One, deepen right ” safe production month ” the understanding of mobile theme ” windbreak danger, except accident of hidden trouble, check ” this is a new theme thought. The safe production guiding principle of it and our country ” safety first, precaution is given priority to, administer integratedly ” echo each other at a distance. 2, with ” safe production month ” the activity is chance, drive me street safe production works we should be used ” safe production month ” activity this one chance, strengthen mobile conduct propaganda, with be on guard of all kinds accident is a purpose, through developing of all kinds and safe activity, make safe concept thorough popular feeling, deep popular, the safe consciousness that enhances employee ceaselessly and operation skill; come to help through beginning lash-up of education of caution of safe production accident, safe production the activity such as education of safety of drilling, basic level, build further ” everybody knows safe, everybody to provide security ” atmosphere. 3, outstanding key, firm is caught fulfil, had done seriously work with the safe production henceforth currently. The activity is last, each share square collective inspect and learn each other’s work project of emerald green center 3 prevent lash-up to deal with drilling, spot of the ceremony that start still undertook VR inspects safety of feeling fire protection already the imitate of fire control equipment such as be personally on the scene of scene of intellectual study and experience of skill of put out a fire, fire, fire extinguisher operates the experience activity such as the experience.