Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Our country CCTV has a program to cry ” the China on the tip of the tongue ” , it is clew with food, all-around reveal broad and profound China cate culture. In community, we have ” the love on the tip of the tongue ” close child activity, it is an added ingredient with cate DIY, rise close child company quality. On June 22, 2019 morning at 10 o’clock, party of community of article bright and beautiful group the service center is begun ” the love on the tip of the tongue ” close child birthday department activity of the activity, this activity shares 29 to kiss child participate in.  This second activity cent is close child interactive game, close child birthday department experiences and interact share 3 link. Above all, company project is guided kiss attendantly child game is interactive, “I want to know you ” , ” grasper points to ” , ” of rain will go ” , pull near child the distance between each other, build the atmosphere with whole lively scene.  This the activity is adopted with the means that differs before, by the company labour chooses justice labour to kiss child the family is guided what won’t do is close child department of the birthday that make, produce the coadjutant support effect between the family adequately. Next, kiss by justice labour child guide community to kiss child the brigade that began the experience that make, clean all sorts of material first, cut, cent outfit, all be all set, the teacher sets an example and explain the practice of all sorts of material and use, the appearance that the child and old people are learning a teacher undertakes spreading meal, feed in raw material, wrap roll, the measure such as heal and section. “Mom, I go taking an egg to come over ” ” mom, the ham bowel that lets me like green melon and me to eat most is put in the meal above ” ” baby, bamboo shade should be held tighten, coil to be held… ” , close child make concerted effort finished the job, in joyous sound laughs in language, each is elegant with delicate and goluptious birthday department gives heat, differ according to the taste of everybody, some birthday manage the surface added salad sauce, some added ketchup to wait, what each birthday department condensed children is strange think of clever think the warm warm love with parents. After the activity ends, company project and parents undertake communicate and be sharinged, parents had certain acknowledge to company: Guard is not equal to company, material to satisfy do not be equal to company, take care of do not be equal to company, certainly to not be equal to company.  Carry this activity, let kiss child the company days that manages joy experiences in making in game and birthday, more important parent becomes aware, attend a meeting occasionally, the job is busy bring about pair of children ” invisible excuse me ” , want company of farther high quality later, from environment, platform, interest hobby, time, psychology develops the field such as level, close child more communication, communicate with interactive.


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