Dispatch of network of collect lake home: To promote the wholesome environment of community quality, the member that community of green on June 18, 2019 scene is stationed in bit of group to hang bit of leader, street deputy survey drills Sun Ke carries staff member of etc of Luo Chulong of undersecretary of ministry of general affairs of the people’s livelihood, with staff member of green scene community and community Party member justice is versed in in all 50 more than person is begun in community sweep an activity greatly. This the activity basically is in a few villages that are buckled to divide in environmental evaluation last month to spread out, cent undertakes sweeping for two teams. Covey by experienced survey member head a group, retinue has community of Luo Chulong’s undersecretary, green scene deputy stationmaster, street mix with community share staff member justice labour, basically be in charge of comparing China benefit village. The near future had very big improvement than the environment of China benefit village, on road surface do not have what rubbish basically, but there still is many butts, wastepaper, polybag to wait near greenbelt, in experienced survey member guide below, volunteers are by dustbin, greenbelt edge relatively covert place bows again and again, crouch a body, one by one ” capture ” these wholesome blind angle. Another team guides workstation part staff member to mix by Xiao Hui of secretary of Party committee of green scene community justice labour, with management office staff swept beautiful half lis of village, rich Jipake respectively together park of edifice periphery, community and clever grand edifice. In this activity, the leader that register a drop and community secretary look for management to be in chief, the requirement fulfils management to handle work of main body responsibility, all staff members should memorize an environment to evaluate clear card content, the detail that goes up by clear card asks the Bao Jie that does good village works, ensure oneself village is not buckled to divide, encounter a problem to appear in the newspaper in time.



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