Dispatch of network of collect lake home: What study behaviour of health of travel of healthy knowledge, carry out to arouse broad dweller further is enthusiastic, on June 27 afternoon, propaganda of contest of accomplishment of health of resident of area of the 5th collect lake and accomplishment of health of resident of collect lake area monitored a project to start a ceremony to be in 2019 the square of culture of community of bamboo shoot hillock with street hillock of bamboo shoot of collect lake area pulls open heavy curtain.  This second activity theme is ” promote healthy accomplishment, be far from pain disease to ailment ” , aim the good atmosphere that whole area builds a kind of the whole people to learn healthy accomplishment knowledge, promote health of dweller of area under administration accomplishment standard, publicize the important meaning that dweller health accomplishment learns.  This second activity by Luo Hu healthy bureau mixes area sanitation bamboo shoot hillock is street do combination to sponsor, company of group of hospital of center of control of precaution of disease of collect lake area, collect lake is in charge of a center to undertake. This second activity spot each link rich and colorful, conduct propaganda of healthy accomplishment knowledge, interlocution having reward, literary joint performance, health seeks advice etc, among them accomplishment knowledge popularizes dweller health is this second activity grand opera, the spot is installed ” accomplishment of Chinese dweller health 66 ” exhibit board, extend data of healthy accomplishment chrestomathy and conduct propaganda of foldout of conduct propaganda of healthy accomplishment knowledge. And still install link of interlocution having reward, want dweller friend to answer sb’s question only healthy accomplishment is relevant problem, can obtain little gift, present a full healthy and cheerful atmosphere.  This second activity was pulled open ” contest of knowledge of accomplishment of health of resident of area of the 5th Luo Hu ” prelusive, the spot was installed sign up advisory dot and health seek advice from a dot, extend to the dweller the means of match announce handbill, encourage a dweller to sign up for the unit with the family take part in the match, before attracting dwellers of many area under administration, will seek advice sign up, atmosphere is enthusiastic.  Contest of dweller health accomplishment is with contest hurried learns, arouse a dweller to learn the interest of healthy accomplishment knowledge, share to broad dweller masses then, knowledge of transmission health accomplishment and skill, promote the promotion of dweller health accomplishment ceaselessly. Since this day friend of dweller of area under administration can be in ” healthy accomplishment is beautiful ” small order is online service center of 48 community fitness will develop whole area of; of knowledge of study health accomplishment in succession propaganda of healthy accomplishment knowledge, the company that pays close attention to your door mouth closely please health center.  “Contest of knowledge of accomplishment of health of resident of area of the 5th collect lake ” be about to cry gong, collect lake area each are street do will at contest of accomplishment of health of each street class dweller is being held before July 26, the winner can be represented respective and street will enter contest of knowledge of accomplishment of health of resident of Luo Hu area on August 14. Pass the match to be able to learn more healthy knowledge, have very great help to raising the healthy accomplishment of oneself and domestic person. Can promote healthy skill the standard already, promotional the family is harmonious, special the healthy education that is helpful for pair of children. Dweller friends, sign up at once! ◎ takes part in the match personnel: It is unit composition with the family, the requirement is healthy family, every team 3 people, include 2 adult and a minor, grow up among them factitious grandparent, grandfather mother or parents, minor is born for middle and primary school. The requirement is in deep live full 6 months, age is in the Shenzhen that system of Wei Jian of 9-60 one full year of life, blame works citizen, census register is not restricted. Phone of address signing up, connection and street time surpasses first:  Time of area class game: On August 14 14:30-17:00 hold ” final of area of Luo Hu of contest of accomplishment of health of citizen of the 5th Shenzhen ” , every street establish a delegation to attend area class final. Family of champion of area class final plays on behalf of collect lake area ” total final of contest of accomplishment of health of citizen of the 5th Shenzhen ” . Bonus of area class match: First prize 1 (every domestic stake 1500 yuan, honorary certificate) second-class award 2 (every family stake 1000 yuan, honorary certificate) third class award 3 (every family stake 800 yuan, honorary certificate) winning prize 4 (every family stake 500, accomplishment of health of resident of collect lake area monitored a project to will launch an investigation at the near future 2019. Dweller health accomplishment monitors a purpose to begin, can mix from basic and healthy knowledge 3 respects understand accomplishment of healthy lifestyle and concept accomplishment, behavior accomplishment, basic technical ability in the round level of as healthy as evaluation dweller accomplishment, master trend of change of level of dweller health accomplishment further, to constitute wholesome health relevant policy provides scientific basis. Level of accomplishment of health of resident of collect lake area rises considerably in recent years, by 10.2% 2015, add to 13.57% 2016, 21.31% 2017, 35.51% 2018. The healthy accomplishment of collect lake area monitored the job to be in the key 2019 green banboos, Huang Bei and bamboo shoot hillock 3 street begin, through accomplishment monitors propaganda health that start working project, let masses understand the necessity that begins healthy accomplishment to monitor the work and significance more, cooperate a government actively relevant section has an investigation, provide strong safeguard to finish healthy accomplishment successful and efficiently to monitor the work. This second activity open Luo Hu area what the whole people learns healthy accomplishment knowledge is enthusiastic 2019, dweller of help area under administration masters healthy knowledge, establish healthy concept, nurturance health behavior, raise healthy accomplishment level further, to build the target tamp base of healthy Luo Hu.


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