Dispatch of network of collect lake home: To enhance community culture atmosphere, drive civilized town to found, on June 17 afternoon, group of painting and calligraphy of article China community is in elder of painting and calligraphy people drive, held ” Mo Xiangzhu of elegant demeanour of book art exhibition is achieved civil ” thematic activity. Send feelings with painting and calligraphy, edge of the appreciation side everybody communicates a result, all show skill, showed work of a few painting and calligraphy, each is discussed in mutual study, encouragement atmosphere unique details. With the imposing manner of extensive great and refined artistic form, what conveyed pair of painting and calligraphy adequately is true have deep love for and infinite deep feeling. These work content and form are perfect be united in wedlock, calligraphy and painterly bring out the best in each other, conveyed pair of traditional culture and civilization eulogize, the pursuit exploration to the United States and art and strenuous up feelings, also revealed the culture details of lover of painting and calligraphy and artistic elegant demeanour centrally. Community extends a form with beginning painting and calligraphy, constituent dweller takes an active part in community culture activity, answered the call that establishs civilized town, promote traditional culture, let culture of painting and calligraphy communicate study to carry forward in community.



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