Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Know poison to increase masses further, gas defence, refus poisonous ability, advocate ” green is avirulent, healthy life, the whole people prohibits toxin ” concept, on June 21 afternoon, surround community workstation newly to organize city name garden to manage place security working personnel and environmental sanitation staff member to begin in square of city name garden ” popularize the common sense that prohibit toxin, raise the consciousness that prohibit toxin ” the conduct propaganda prohibiting toxin that gives priority to a problem takes unit activity. Banner of conduct propaganda of suspension of staff member spot, extend propagandist manual, explain the knowledge that prohibit toxin, reveal emulation drugs, solve masses to seek advice. Propaganda attracted many dweller masses to be participated in at the same time come in. Among them, a worker tells us, feel drugs leaves us very far before, carry this activity, she just knows, always contain codeine, hemp to fizzle out to relieve a cough alkalinely water, be included management of medicines and chemical reagents of the 2nd kind of spirit formally, drink much also be meeting addiction, cannot treat sth lightly absolutely, want comply with doctor’s advice, reasonable with medicine, want to raise vigilance.
The dweller masses that enters an activity expresses to benefit a lot in succession, go back to publicize the knowledge that prohibit toxin to family, friend even, advocate everybody to establish be far from drugs, reject drugs to share the sense that prohibits toxin, want to be in charge of for oneself, also be in charge of for family and society, form everybody to ban poisonous good society atmosphere. Everybody boycotts education and caution self-consciously drugs, be far from drugs, pursue healthy way of life, and appeal drugs of active impeach exposure violates authority guilty clew, propaganda obtained favorable social result.



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