Dispatch of network of collect lake home: For solid fulfil Dong Xiaojie path to found countrywide civilization city to greet check job deploy, party committee of equestrian hill community is strict according to ” achieve civil ” each index is again meticulous, fulfil again, union ” beautiful Dong Xiao ” sweep an activity, serious and careful platoon examines issue of environment of area under administration, solve a problem actively, undertake rectifying and reform, had fulfilled hammer and tongs ” achieve article ” greet check to work each. For this, on June 18, the community organism such as service center of committee of dweller of volunteer of Party member of organization of Party committee of equestrian hill community, community, community begins sanitation of clean punish environment big activity. Controller of the street section office that run a point led section office personnel to enter this second activity. In the activity, everybody takes broom, the paper towel that sweeps ground fallen leaves, passer carefully to throw away, share what putting in the in disorder on the ground bicycle is orderly put in roadside, make environment of area under administration very fast extensive willful is neat, beautiful. The activity still combines environmental sanitation to evaluate the work, building site all round be short of caustic to surround archives to undertake modification punish, supervise and urge Bao Jie of environmental sanitation worker reachs the designated position, assist punish ” corpse car ” . Through everybody’s effort, environment of area under administration is neat and much brighter. For street found civilized town to add a brick to add tile.


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