Dispatch of network of collect lake home: June 2019 is eighteen whole nation ” safe production month ” , fishing Zuo community makes the same score thought of socialism of characteristic of new era China to be guidance nearly with be used to, carry out fulfil government of province urban district the great and decision-making deploy about safe production, around ” windbreak danger, except accident of hidden trouble, check, enhance consciousness of safe production of the whole people ” this one theme, on June 19 morning, the joint-stock company guidance in squadron of the lake austral bureau of lash-up of collect lake area issues fishing abundant, activity of lash-up rescuing drilling was held in square of piscatorial village culture. The Li Jing of secretary of Party committee of community of Zuo having fishing that enters this second activity, fishing abundant is industrial policeman of police station of Duan Chengwen of vise general manager of company of property of abundant of chairman of union of fire control of Wu Jinquan of joint-stock company assistant president, community, fishing, port reachs abundant of ball of Wu Song of joint-stock company president, fishing community. This drilling activity drilling is divided in all for calamity of the on fire at the beginning of spot imitate fire extinguisher fact shoots relieve a sick or injured person of drilling, safe alert, medical treatment, fire scattered 4 parts. The spot set an example to use method and measure correctly of fire extinguisher through team member of battalion of commando of fishing abundant company, make everybody can learn really, true meeting, true understand, use really, adroitness control uses the tenor of fire extinguisher, enhance consciousness of fire control safety. Carry this activity, the lash-up after producing fire clearly beforehand the feasibility of the case, the actual combat mastery of a skill or technique that the understanding that deepened employee offset to prevent safe knowledge and fire control equipment use correctly, enhanced the consciousness of fire control safety of employee, be known to popularizing fire control safety to know and raise employee to be protected oneself save oneself the stimulative effect with the main move since ability, community of the Zuo that it is fishing and fishing abundant joint-stock company is efficient henceforth, orderly began lash-up job to provide practice experience.
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