Dispatch of network of collect lake home: To strengthen safe production conduct propaganda teachs the job, enhance consciousness of safe production of the whole people, promote a citizen safe quality, raise take precautions against natural calamities to reduce calamity capacity, on June 19, 2019, area lash-up management board in collect lake area area of the first garden holds property of new and high technology ” safe production month ” the mobile ceremony that start and ” safe conduct propaganda seeks advice from day ” activity. Chen Yue of deputy director general of area lash-up management board, pond of group of collect lake fire control, lotus is street concerned leader and lotus pond are street area of each community workstation, Luo Hu is new and high the enterprise representing of area of the first garden waits for technical industry 300 more than person enters this second activity. Was the whole nation in June 2019 the 18th ” safe production month ” , mobile theme is ” windbreak danger, except accident of hidden trouble, check ” , area lash-up management board seeks advice in mobile spot setting exhibit a stage board, extend to publicize a data and accept laws and regulations of safe production law to seek advice wait for; to still organize spot citizen to participate in smother to flee for one’s life at the same time, safety uses report, urgent relieve a sick or injured person (heart lungs anabiosises) , answer for masses doubt dispels doubts, popular science safe production and lash-up flee for his life knowledge and skill. Chen Yue of deputy director general of area lash-up management board emphasizes in the activity, collect lake area safe production situation still austere, each production manages an unit to want to perform safety administration duty seriously, strengthen in-house and safe managing further, build perfect safety to manage system and work operating rules, aggrandizement spot safety defends and the canal accuses measure, hold to a problem to direct at the same time, begin hidden trouble platoon to check processing and risk identifying canal to accuse deep, fulfil responsibility of safe production main body in the round, hope have the aid of ” safe production month ” mobile chance, elevate the public safe consciousness in the round, decrease and prevent the happening of safe accident, build Luo Hu into a safer, more harmonious good home hand in hand jointly. Next, management board of lash-up of collect lake area will begin safety to promote series to groom from capacity of staff of course of study in whole area activity, the area is installed appoint unit of can other member still will continue to begin safe production take precautions against natural calamities to reduce activity of calamity propaganda and education, the key checks safety of processing, dangerous chemical to superintend around platoon of safe hidden trouble, the content such as the fire control safety of residence of the village in safety of limited space exercise and city, high level undertakes specific aim explains to public, drive begin safe production to explain to public ” 7 into ” activity.



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