Dispatch of network of collect lake home: In answer to the appeal of party and government, union establishs civilized town concept, on June 20 afternoon, party of community of mountain of ceiba of organization of Party committee of ceiba mountain community group the service center called together more than 10 community dwellers to begin rubbish to classify special subject small classroom. Rubbish classification, show by fair provision or mark brigadier rubbish is classified store, classification puts in and classification is carried, transform thereby the floorboard of a series of activities of public natural resources. Classified purpose is the resource value that increases rubbish and economic value, strive make the best use of everything. In the activity, company project puts in through domesticity rubbish classification how-to the specific method that explained rubbish classification to dwellers, revealed rubbish to classify the style of ash-bin to the participant at the same time, make a participant can more formal study classifies detail to rubbish. Show level rubbish to classify the job to still need to add cognitive condition of the dweller ceaselessly, also need to supervise and urge effectively guide ability to let more people act, the good convention that nurturance rubbish classifies. Rubbish classification can let rubbish become useless to be treasure not only, raise resource utilization rate greatly, the earth also lets become while to found civilization the city makes contribution more green.


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