Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Begin for development 2019 ” safe production month ” activity, conduct propaganda of stimulative safe production teachs thorough basic level, thorough community, the ego take precautions against natural calamities that raises enterprise of area under administration, dweller further reduces calamity capacity, the whole people builds good safe production atmosphere, sponsor by workstation of community of shellfish of Party committee of water shellfish community, water, the community of shellfish of water of thing of small fact of the people’s livelihood that Shenzhen commonweal rescuing team undertakes reduces security of take precautions against natural calamities circus wagon announce guides activity, in the paddy field on June 27 29 square develop one market afternoon. The spot shares many 200 dweller and staff of company of area under administration to participate in an activity in, share many 130 dweller to participate in spot whole project to obtain domestic emergency treatment to wrap among them. This second activity shares module of 7 lash-up knowledge, include: Knowledge of safety of common sense of domestic equipment calamity, fire control, Shenzhen is gas and common sense of common and natural disaster, toxic deal with, bare-handed heart lungs anabiosises of larynx of card of art, eyewinker deal with to prevent trample with dense throng. Nip in the bud, when producing sudden accident really, we also won’t unaware. Reduce security of take precautions against natural calamities through water shellfish community circus wagon announce guides of the activity begin, promoted conduct propaganda of community lash-up culture and society to save oneself coadjutant ability, the integrated lash-up that also promoted community the dweller saves aid ability, when accident harm happens, can correct save oneself to be saved with each other, the person of the first deliverance that because mastered emergency treatment knowledge to become accident harm,lets the family beside, friend, neighborhood, together hand in hand compose builds safe community.


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