Dispatch of network of collect lake home: If why be founded in countrywide civilization city in serve as actively, brave carries heavy responsibility, make Luo Hu contribute? On June 14, collect lake trifling grows Luo Yode to chair hold district government 7 72 standing conferences. The conference listened to near future civilization to found dark visit case report, watched dark visit video, raised specific requirement to founding the job next. The conference emphasizes, various and departmental door is sure to know whole area adequately the value that countrywide civilized town establishs, cogent heighten mission feeling and sense of urgency, hold to a problem to direct, take out true court real action, concentrate resource of force, assemble, construction of quality of environment of water of sanitation of environment of focusing the appearance of a city, public order, town, infrastructure runs the weak point that waits for a respect, contrast dark the issue that seeks exposure discovery, rectify and reform energetically, firm is caught fulfil; to want squeezing ramming responsibility, aggrandizement superintend and director examines bulletin strength, cogent drive found the job to carry fast carry extract effect character, ensure finish each smoothly to establish the mission. In addition, on June 13 afternoon, collect lake area appoint group of theory study center holds special subject chair, invite Shenzhen municipal Party committee to publicize culture of ministry undersecretary, city to do director, city to found do vice director Chen Qinglan to found the job to undertake special subject lecture around countrywide civilized town. Chen Qinglan from countrywide civilization what is the city, why, how to do 3 dimension to spend set out, regulation of the historical evolution of civilized to the whole nation town, real significance, evaluation made explain the profound things in a simple way unscramble, offerred constructive opinion proposal to how advancing countrywide civilized town to found, have sex of very strong directiveness, operation and specific aim. “Countrywide civilized town is founded is job of an omnibus, systematization, it is the project of the people’s livelihood that never rings down the curtain, it is the primary responsibility of government of basic level Party committee. ” Luo Hu area appoint Lv Manni of minister of ministry of members of standing committee, propaganda emphasizes, each responsibility unit should found understanding to be deepened again to countrywide civilized town, promote again, apply plan, inside and outside integratedly to hold concurrently long, systematic processing, with ” embroider kongfu ” He Yongyuan is in the pliable but strong on the road is strong, drive countrywide civilized town to found normalization, lasting effect to change, continue to hold a title for Shenzhen countrywide civilized town ” 6 Lian Guan ” make Luo Hu contribute.   


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