Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Recently, province sanitation is healthy appoint announced Guangdong to save ” Internet + nurse service ” list of pilot medical establishment, 9 pilot cities decided 140 medical establishment are begun in all ” Internet + nurse service ” pilot job, shenzhen has 16 medical establishment to bring into pilot list. Among them two are located in Luo Hu, “The net makes an appointment with a nurse ” push the special crowd that is a travel inconvenience soon to take more go to a doctor to facilitate.

On March 13, 2018, the nurse of a hospital of Shenzhen city is preparing material of all sorts of medical treatment bad news. Home signs up for hero of reporter Zhao Yan to photographTo leave hospital patient or action inconvenience personOffer nurse serve these two pilot medical establishment to be hospital of people of hospital of Shenzhen city people and Shenzhen city Luo Hu district, pilot medical establishment will be passed ” the service below the application on the line, line ” mode, to leave hospital patient or the special crowd with disadvantageous action are offerred nurse service, contented masses diversification, mutiple level healthy demand. The first batch 43 ” Internet + nurse service ” project, covered a foundation to nurse, slow ill management, rehabilitation nurses, old age nurses, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine nurses, Mu Ying nurses, postpartum visit inspect, orthopaedics nurses, healthy education, quiet cure is protected wait for service content. As we have learned, as a result of ” the net makes an appointment with a nurse ” pilot job does not have experience but abide, shenzhen encourages each pilot hospital him exploration ” Internet + nurse service ” mode and practice. “Let a hospital first ‘ Internet + nurse service ‘ the network that the information of project and nurse puts him makes an appointment on platform, the citizen can undertake making an appointment through the Internet platform of the hospital, next Shenzhen Wei Jian appoint conformity whole town ‘ Internet + nurse service ‘ resource, build unified net to make an appointment with platform. ” Wu Huiping of chairman of association of Shenzhen city nurse says.    According to ” continuance service visit a patient at home is expended ” standardUnified collect fees   ” the net makes an appointment with a nurse ” come to serve, how should collect fees? Whether to have unified rate? Be aimed at the topic that this one citizen pays close attention to, reporter from Shenzhen city wholesome health appoint understanding arrives, current, countrywide each district still does not have unified rate, shenzhen took the lead in having a breakthrough from price system. Prospective Shenzhen ” the net makes an appointment with a nurse ” collect fees, will according to ” continuance service visit a patient at home is expended ” the standard is uniform collect fees. At present ” continuance service visit a patient at home is expended ” be at one’s own expenses, carry out the hopeful after a year to bring into Shenzhen cure to protect. Last year in August, shenzhen city hair changes appoint, Shenzhen city sanitation is healthy appoint announce carry out ” Shenzhen city adds medical treatment newly to serve price item (2018 the first batch) ” in, the item of medical treatment service that adds newly includes ” continuance service visit a patient at home is expended ” , the price is 300 yuan / second, service content includes to establish service object record, understanding serves object health condition, wait to the chronic cut, cut after art, conduit undertake medicine, Qing Dynasty is achieved changing, take out stitches, safeguard wait for an operation, undertake coaching healthy state is evaluated, the health such as treatment of domestic precaution, sickness and rehabilitation guidance is directive. “‘ the net makes an appointment with a nurse ‘ the service basically is the nurse comes to be patient of lie in bed to offer cut to nurse, take out stitches, unplug the service such as the canal, teach the patient that leave hospital to undertake the home nurses residing, puerpera and new student Mu Ying health care nurses etc, this belongs to the category that continuance of the medical treatment inside the courtyard serves. ” Wu Huiping expresses.   Know much DBegin ” Internet + nurse service ” does the nurse need what to requirement accord with? 1. Obtain ” People’s Republic of China hold certificate of nurse of course of study ” ;     2.   of   of; of the inquiry in the system can be registered in countrywide nurse electron 3. Have 5 years of above at least clinical nurse   of   of working experience; 4. Have protect division and   of   of above title; 5. Without disobey record of plan of relevant law law to reach undesirable hold trade act record.   


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