Dispatch of network of collect lake home: When still remembering the beginning of the year, project of integrated traffic hub opens yellow Mu Gang build, does that yellow Mu Gang that tears open inside 18 days stand hand in? All previous is built via the insecurity of 5 many months, yellow Mu Gang is integrated hub project, already entered main body construction the first phase. What yellow Mu Gang crosses on direction of north and south is tall the temporary bridge that wear steel () of temporary bridge of steel of hillock of yellow wood of the following abbreviation, already on June 15 evening 24 when build be open to traffic. Meanwhile, yellow Mu Gang is smooth hand in a road to will adopt new traffic dredge measure, need of this one area takes public transportation passenger or the pedestrian will manage the current situation changeless, the social car that north and south of yellow wood hillock turns to to straight travel and part needs to undertake new adjustment.

Yellow Mu Gang stands hand in after demolishing, before be open to traffic of temporary bridge of steel of yellow wood hillock.   City orbit does to seek advice from spot setting to be nodded with contact as we have learned, the ground is new scanty stifle program, straight travel car sails via Hua Fulu – slimy hillock on the west when the road, yuan Jingping hands in north and south of signal lamp crossing two-way straight travel, adjust cross steel temporary bridge to go up two-way and current; sails via Hua Fulu – sports center Xi Menshi, hua Fulu by south go to the sports center continuously from former level crossing toward north on the west the door. Those who need an attention is, xi Ludong of bamboo shoot hillock keeps changeless to straight travel traffic on the west. In the meantime, car of left, right-hand rotation adjusts the part somewhat. Hillock of former classics bamboo shoot on the west the traffic of Hua Fulu of road right-hand rotation, adjust the hillock that it is bamboo shoot on the west rich spur track of right-hand rotation China enters Hua Fulu. Hillock of former classics mud on the west hillock of bamboo shoot of road right-hand rotation on the west the traffic of the road, adjust the hillock that it is mud the driveway of pass through the territory of a country that the road passes the 3 driveway other 2 hospitals of city on the west, hillock of bamboo shoot of implementation right-hand rotation on the west road. Hillock of former classics mud on the west hillock of bamboo shoot of road left-hand rotation on the west the traffic of the road, adjust the hillock that it is mud the driveway of pass through the territory of a country that the road passes the 3 driveway other 2 hospitals of city on the west, after the road turns around on the west, hillock of right-hand rotation bamboo shoot finishs left-hand rotation. Hillock of former classics bamboo shoot on the west the traffic of Hua Fulu of road left-hand rotation, adjust after meeting an opening to pass the current situation to make the same score all right continuously, jing Huafu spur track finishs left-hand rotation. City orbit does say, during construction of hub of traffic of yellow wood hillock, can be in spot of building site of yellow wood hillock, the setting seeks advice to be nodded with contact, accept citizen opinion, solve the problem that the citizen reflects in time, do one’s best falls the influence lowest.
   The beginning of the year leaves tear open, to promote an area traffic moving efficiency Huang Mu hillock establishs the collective memory that handing in is Shenzhen drivers. Last year on December 31, carriage committee of Shenzhen city traffic is in date of public of its government small letter ” Shenzhen is handed in appoint ” announce formally, rose on January 29 this year, close demolish yellow Mu Gang to stand hand in, the unifinication that begins key position of traffic of yellow wood hillock energetically builds a project, make its key position of 3 wires transfer, serve better the city is mixed an area development need. As we have learned, yellow Mu Gang piece the key area that the area is prospective city progress. And original yellow Mu Gang establishs 4 crossroads that hand in generation of Liang Duicheng city cuts apart badly, slow travel traffic serves horizontal difference, the pedestrian crosses a street circuitous time is long, person car mixes a safe hidden trouble big, the effect is whole the urban image of an area and urban function, optimize urgently. Just meet building orbit liaison man 14 lines set yellow Mu Gang to stand here, with have 7 lines, program already 24 lines form subway change hub. To optimize the urban function of an area, promote an area traffic to run efficiency, make high quality city develop a space, shenzhen municipal government considers to decide to use subway hub to build turning point, demolish crossroads of yellow wood hillock, use to the municipal traffic land of this area, system of subterranean slow travel have comprehensive promotion. Newly-built hub project covers an area of an area about 1.35 million smooth rice, basically include yellow Mu Gang to stand hand in located hillock of positional bamboo shoot on the west way way and current situation establish post of road of road, north of Hua Fulu, Hua Jiang, mud on the west slimy transforming project, orbit traffic 14.24 project of system of slow travel of mark line and project of station of 7 wires transfer and underground.   Swing of 9 days of cut 40 thousand tons of bridge, 18 days are torn open this year on Feburary 6, carry carry on the back as module car last Liang Kuai sails from construction site, indicate crossroads of yellow wood hillock finishs a Shenzhen tear open paragraph of working procedure, enter extensive reestablish diplomatic relations to know construction level in the round. On Feburary 15, yellow Mu Gang stands the 9th day when hand in main body bridge to tear open carry to be over, road surface backfill, grind press the job such as roadbed to also be finished in succession. The yellow Mu Gang that lasts 18 days stands hand in the project that tear open the bridge to end. Crossroads of hillock of Shenzhen yellow wood is mouth of 5 branch road 4 crossroads, the main building such as circumjacent hospital, school, gymnasium structure of system of numerous, bridge is complex. The reporter understands, construction demolishs yellow Mu Gang to stand in all cross 5 bridge, overall length about 40 thousand tons of 1544 rice, ferroconcretes. “Yellow Mu Gang stands hand in demolished construction to use ‘ module car carries carry on the back ‘ ‘ swing of the module car cut that prop up ‘ ‘ swing of the bracket cut that prop up ‘ 3 kinds of methods, have bridge body cut demolishing for 442. Among them, most chunk hefts 500 tons. ” introduce about chief according to Shenzhen subway group, yellow Mu Gang stands hand in demolish dimensions, difficulty to be in domestic congener project is very infrequent, especially construction is worth the Spring Festival, close, task weighs time, also ensured river periphery environmental protection to raise taller requirement to resource organization at the same time. Throw 900 tons in all, 750 tons, 600 tons wait different type crane 29, car of SPM T module 240 axes, diamond rope curiums cut machine 71, large flatbed tricycle 70, organize 1500 more than person to participate in demolish construction. Liu Kun of manager of project of hillock of yellow wood of bureau of channel of the iron in occupying construction unit introduces, the rope that uses in construction curiums car of cut machine, module is the advanced equipment that does not have Yang Chen, low noise, especially car of SPM T module is a kind nobody drive, free combination, OK 360 degrees rotate, the advanced equipment with carring capacity powerful force, representing the banner level that domestic project equips. Not only such, building site spot still installed gush to drench system and machine of mist artillery piece undertake falling dirt. Building litter resource is changed useLiang Kuai 100% in becoming useless to demolish a process for treasure, yellow Mu Gang stands hand in demolish a project to add up to the building litter that produces 22243.7 stere. To reduce resources waste, implementation becomes useless to be treasure, live in city build bureau guidance to fall, shenzhen subway group made yellow Mu Gang stand hand in demolish litter to use program integratedly, the plan makes Shenzhen first bridge construction demolishs litter to use demonstrative project integratedly. Disassemble this establish those who deliver generation a few bridge component will maintain presence orgnaization of relevant scientific research is used at concrete project wear to consider. The Liang Kuai with whole section will undertake simple beautification is mixed transform, withholding establish the impress that hand in, make sit card of stool, flower bed, step, directive, regard landscape establishment as continue to employ, mark the step that the history develops. The rest builds litter to basically will pass the craft processing such as broken, sorting, screening, plastics, aggregate of translate into second birth, application arrives among ready mixed concrete, use at production to defend wall, bridge is hanged board, PC of high-end road surface board, the products of second birth concrete such as road surface brick, also will apply in hub of traffic of yellow wood hillock again as construction process, design unit has begun relevant design. Adopt afore-mentioned measure, yellow Mu Gang stands hand in in demolish litter in the 100% courses that get circular using, in the concrete step that implements green to develop a concept in Shenzhen builder, finishing it is stereo after traffic mission, with a kind new way continues to serve Shenzhen citizen.   The hub of traffic of yellow wood hillock after predicting finishing 2022 building, will bring brand-new appearance. Fizzle out especially wooden hillock stands hand in around have the subway at present 7 lines Huang Mu hillock stands, in propose 14 lines and program 24 lines also set a station here, 3 subways route is handed in collect, change. Yellow Mu Gang is integrated traffic hub will go orbit traffic construction, ground slow system and circumjacent city plot are contacted cheek by jowl together, what will realize system of road transportation, slow travel, public transportation service at the appointed time is comprehensive optimize promotion. Future, will according to ” station city unifinication ” concept, the yellow Mu Gang that builds space of unifinication of a traffic, function unifinication is integrated traffic hub. It is reported, this hub predicts to built 2022 finishing.   


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