Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Came 23 days on June 21, by Guangdong province rehabilitation cure learns branch of rachis spinal cord small start rachis surgical department only appoint the sponsorred big bay area such as the meeting rachis surgical department is small achieve technical communication and cure new progress and the 3rd small achieve rachis height forum to be in Luo Hu area hospital. Many 40 domestic and international expert of rachis orthopaedics domain waits a form with discussion of case of illness through giving lessons, small to rachis orthopaedics the discussion that achieves the heat that the domain pays close attention to jointly and difficulty problem to have extensive development. Chen Xiaodong of director of orthopaedics of rachis of the hospital in occupying Luo Hu introduces, rachis disease is orthopaedics common disease. Before worker of case of driver, extended hot season is cervical vertebra disease, lumbar disease tall hair crowd. Now, because people depends on the electronic product such as mobile phone, computer overly, and be used to for the most part sedentary do not move, bring about cervical vertebra disease, lumbar to come on illy the age is lower and lower. In addition, because osseous degrades, old people also is the tall hair crowd of rachis disease. He reminds, be far from rachis disease, want much movement at ordinary times, do not sedentary and lower his head for a long time. Once appeared neck shoulder circumstance of apathetic of painful, ability to walk should timely seek medical advice. On this second forum, chen Xiaodong introduced the way of two patent operations that develops at present. It is side of the lens inside rachis square ” technology of a kind of litter ” application. “Technology of a kind of litter ” application, well avoid the risk that nerve injures, use slippage of the arm of force, avoid nerve easily. 2 be 4 1 centimeter (technology of 4 holes confluence) disease of stricture of remedial lumbar canal, lumbar surge disease. This art form uses the smallest cut, the decompression that finish, the haemorrhage in art is less, restore after art rapid. As we have learned, small it is OK to achieve operation technology the scar that utmost ground reduces the organization inside watch of system of patient of rachis surgery disease and body. Compare with photograph of traditional standard operation, small achieve rachis surgery to have operation cut small, tissue heals faster, function regains the dominant position with shorter time. Current, this courtyard operation of surgery of 95% above rachis is to use small start an operation.


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