Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Yesterday, city port does, limited company of service center of management of port of check of edge of Shenzhen custom, Shenzhen, city crosses port to hold Shenzhen port surveyor’s pole to found pilot job to start a ceremony in Wenjin. Shenzhen port surveyor’s pole founds Wenjin to cross port pilot job builds port safety to prevent through compose accuse lash-up of system, port to direct system, port the 5 cardinal principle such as volunteer service system are, setting port hardware builds software of standard, port to build the 5 old standards such as the standard, drive promotion Shenzhen port in the round each integrated index, make charge lowest, career with all one’s strength the fastest, service best, establishment is best ” 4 most ” port, contend for achieve countrywide port surveyor’s pole.


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