Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 21, shenzhen port surveyor’s pole founds pilot job to start a ceremony to cross port to hold in Wenjin. The reporter understands from the spot, this surveyor’s pole founds pilot job is city port does this year in May print and distribute ” Shenzhen port service aids area of big bay of the HongKong and Macow that push another name for Guangdong Province to build working program ” in those who allude ” 10 big moves ” one of ” surveyor’s pole makes the move ” specific work measure. In recent years, environment of soft hardware of Wen Jindu port and integral service level promote ceaselessly, each unit cooperates port close, accumulated those who drive port to build horizontal whole to promote stage by stage a series of experience practices. This port surveyor’s pole founds pilot job to choose Wenjin to cross port, it is the form that wants to pass fan out from point to area, promote whole town port environment and close advantage to turn integral promotion. It is reported, pilot job is window with working system and duty standard. Working system is prevented with safety accuse system, lash-up to conduct system, volunteer service system, friendly build system and conduct propaganda to reveal a system to give priority to in all, meaning bringing each force into play to safeguard port to be connected daily close passenger flow of safety and circumjacent traffic, dredge, be on guard ahead of schedule port nature calamity or safe accident, sow a newspaper to connect involve a service information, make connecting closing general law to publicize wait. Duty standard builds a standard for hardware construction standard, software, close standard of care of service standard, management and enterprise to manage a standard to give priority to, will design unified port through port is being crossed in Wenjin general label, the setting is stationed in self-help of bit of infirmary, setting to do card to reach shopping device, announce check the job to function executes the law and serve a standard, make the duty-free inn, transportation enterprises, characteristic that is stationed in a business to spread etc business unit serve a standard. Current, city port does, station of the Wen Jindu custom, check side Wen Jindu, Huang Bei is street do, the relevant unit such as port government office already comprised Wen Jindu of city port service center Shenzhen port surveyor’s pole is founded, the form with joint meeting, report pilot job to develop a case, coordinate the relevant problem that solves routine to encounter.


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