Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Shenzhen is the experiment cropland of Chinese reforming and opening, also be the experiment cropland that China photographs. As Shenzhen the earliest development builds a division, collect lake area inspects photography all the time the key of literary creation domain, good masses foundation, top-ranking plan is exhibited group, thick the congenital advantage of assemble of the culture actual strength that accumulates thin hair, talent and advantaged creation environment, the development that is culture of photography of area under administration lays next solid foundations, of all kinds size internationally, national level of photographic exhibition and match hold in succession, also driving ” Luo Hu photographs ” world of throughout the country of strike of this one ablaze calling card, trend. On June 20, “Mysterious: ‘ think especially cup ‘ outstanding work shows contest of photography of 2019 Shenzhen originality ” in Luo Hu art gallery kicks off, with 108 originality photography work brings the double sumptuous dinner of a vision and originality for citizens.

” picture meaning city ” Liao Junhong is photographedWork of 108 originality photographyActual strength is deduced ” cerebral hole is large ” the fall that   leaves from on mobile phone screen one have diarrhoea, the switchback that holds full person bears down on straight the reef of the seaside, the worker that the hand grasps scoop net bends over to try on plane wing ” salvage ” a small-sized and unmanned aircraft, grow long staircase to lead to dark blue night sky directly outspread to the full moon under… the camera lens when cameraman no longer bureau be confined to records the real world before, change the hand of charmer however, provide simple and ordinary setting synthesis extremely the picture of originality, right now photography was had magical ” blackart ” , kicked off on June 20 ” mysterious: ‘ think especially cup ‘ outstanding work shows contest of photography of 2019 Shenzhen originality ” on, this kind ” blackart ” glamour is shown incisively and vividly. Shenzhen element has ” of originality ” beautiful praise, annual ” originality in December ” it is fission gives boundless creativity more, promoting the rapid development of industry of pillar of Shenzhen culture originality. Since this year March, bureau of sports of travel of wide report of culture of collect lake area engineers and held ” mysterious: ‘ think especially cup ‘ contest of photography of originality of 20 19 Shenzhen ” , the course is collected tensely, choose, review a work of bear the palm and selected work finally in all 108, came 23 days to exhibit publicly in collect lake art gallery on June 18, after Shenzhen head is exhibited, will exhibit in countrywide make one’s rounds. “The theme of this second contest is ‘ new era new originality ‘ , the requirement takes part in the match work is outstanding and substantial, novel, the originality that expect is less than, joint ‘ mysterious ‘ problem eye, arouse the innovation thinking of the person that photograph with this, encourage people to undertake filming through originality gimmick. ” Chinese photography gold resembles city of award winner, Shenzhen Luo Hu photography learns chairman Sun Chengyi expresses, 3 short in lunar time, work of more than pieces of 6500 photography emerges to Luo Hu from countrywide each district. “These work present an originality generally novel, a sleight of hand, the characteristic with extensive subject matter, can see the actual strength of players from which. Can see the actual strength of players from which..
” maritime switchback ” Zhong Yiwu is photographedFrom only the United States arrives originalityArrive from originality ideal   on June 20, the photography of international of the 3rd Shenzhen that sponsors jointly by Chinese photographer association and couplet of Shenzhen city article is exhibited greatly begin formally. The parallel that as current Shenzhen international photography exhibits greatly is exhibited, “Mysterious: ‘ think especially cup ‘ outstanding work shows contest of photography of 2019 Shenzhen originality ” by Luo Hu area culture wide report travels association of photographer of city of sports bureau, Shenzhen is sponsorred, art gallery of society of photography of house of culture of collect lake area, collect lake, collect lake undertakes, the originality that aims to promote Shenzhen culture enterprise develops, show the glamour with video originality to the world. Lin Lu of professor of Normal University of vice-chairman of Shanghai photographer association, Hua Dong is exhibiting the evaluation in preface to: “From only the United States arrives originality, arrive from originality idea, ‘ think especially cup ‘ this one pace goes so that very much force feels, and declare publicly is worn one is worth imaginary future more! ”  FocusA lets a dweller see high-quality goods photography exhibit in door mouthHopeful of the academy of classical learning that think a month is made ” small and essence of life ” exhibition to Luo Hu’s dweller, door mouth sees photography exhibit already became normal state: The original original work of world-famous cameraman, the Chinese the land of country of ahead of mark · Lv Bujing, the world view that humanitarian cameraman records, 14 magnificent wind and cloud on 8000 meters of heights… Luo Hu with photographic exhibition of high-quality goods of a field, approve original work of photography a person of academic or artistic distinction one batch, break the hedge of time, space, let people need not go on a long journey to be able to view the world through camera lens, swim China and foreign countries. Photography career of Luo Hu is having deep culture to accumulate with solid masses base, in literary creation respect more high-quality goods change goes, emerge in large numbers gives large quantities of one outstanding photography talented people. Look in Sun Chengyi, this not only area of profit from Luo Hu appoint of bureau of sports of travel of wide report of culture of area of district government, Luo Hu give aid to energetically, still a platform also had main effect — , the academy of classical learning that think a month. Be located in east the academy of classical learning thinking a month of door center square still has another to weigh the identity: Luo Hu east door photography square. Shenzhen is known as here most the photography exhibition hall with ground connection gas, most audience, hold the photographic exhibition of above every year 20 times, never interrupt since 2011, “Go east the door sees an exhibition ” became fan of Luo Hu photography people a habit. In day all person discharge amounts to 400 thousand person-time east door old street, monarch alone the photography work that one courtyard exhibits Chen Youxiu, this is the craftsmanship place that Luo Hu regards Shenzhen art as to create forward position. Sun Chengyi introduces: “Future, our hope can make the academy of classical learning that think a month ‘ small and essence of life ‘ exhibition, in exhibit design of old mode, exterior, technology to apply wait for a respect to undertake innovating upgrading, whole presents a characteristic austral rich mountain range, a photography that becomes Luo Hu kind culture ground mark. A photography that becomes Luo Hu kind culture ground mark.. B is dedicated to making the photography week of professional, internationalizationLuo Hu this ” treasure group ” wanting Tibet to if say Sai Yueshu courtyard,do not live is the platform that communication of lover of a photography shares, so photography learns Luo Hu even if Cai Hui of a person comes together ” treasure group ” . The institute of collect lake photography that established 1985 is one of photography institutes that Shenzhen establishs the earliest, from found earlier 37 people recruit today’s 430 more than person, assemble Ceng Rong obtains the whole nation to photograph top prize ” Chinese photography gold resembles award ” the photographer such as Sun Chengyi, Zhong Guohua, He Jianhua, Yue Hongjun, there are 66 people to join Chinese photography society in the member, work of many 500 member is in national level, internationally the bear the palm in photographic exhibition match. Two when by Luo Hu photography learns to undertake years Shenzhen international photographs, already held 3 continuously at present, in having extensive force domestic and internationally, already made the brand of a culture of Luo Hu and even Shenzhen. “Very rare exhibition can photograph like Shenzhen international week is same, show the original original work of the photography a person of academic or artistic distinction that is famous in international before people, let a dweller can see the elegant demeanour of classical photography work in door mouth. ” look in Sun Chengyi, professional with internationalization the characteristic that is week of Shenzhen international photography not only, the glamour that also is culture of Luo Hu photography is in. Begin from 2015, collect lake photography learns to be able to run big lecture room of commonweal of photography a person of academic or artistic distinction every year, invite famous cameraman discourses on an academic subject inside course of study to Luo Hu. The society returns can nonsked organization to create a group to go out collect folk songs, the art that is in house of culture of collect lake area holds lecture of thematic salon, expert and artistic informal discussion in space and mobile room, raise the professional level of the member further.