Dispatch of network of collect lake home: A few days ago, luo Hu ” double week is released ” hold division achieve special performance, 5 units such as branch of Shenzhen collect lake make telecommunication of China of combination of bureau of innovation of science and technology of collect lake area ” 5G is endowed with can, industry of Luo Hu artificial intelligence sails drive ” the theme is released. The reporter understands, on April 30, government of collect lake district and Chinese telecommunication sign 5G strategy to expand an agreement, current, station of 153 5G radical is in construction, predict to debut before September; To 2020, luo Hu will finish 600 base station construction, implementation 5G official business is used. Up to by 2018, 500 burgeoning enterprises brought Luo Hu thousand yuan of battalion closes. Current, luo Hu support of aggrandizement industry policy, compose builds major of innovation of science and technology to serve a system, building business communication and innovation resource to share platform to wait is an act, optimize battalion business environment continuously. The industry grows health of artificial intelligence of collect lake focusing, life, form ” south science and technology of financial trade, north innovates ” amlposition develops pattern, land natural resources makes full use of to recommend key headquarters company in the meantime, realize bibcock to drive, enrol business through cooperating with guild, professional orgnaization, catenary of bibcock industry industry enrols business, innovation poineering contest enrols a variety of forms such as business, form target company library. Shi Xingzhong of director of bureau of innovation of science and technology of collect lake area introduces, in artificial intelligence respect, river of clear water of Luo Hu general piece region composition is base of artificial intelligence property, the many carrier such as garden of garden of industry of construction artificial intelligence, intelligent city industry, Internet industry garden. In addition, luo Hu drives life health industry actively also to develop, core layout is located in heart of Dong Xiao cloth piece area, the enterprise of a batch of keys such as assemble star silver-colored medicine, Yipusen.


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