Dispatch of network of collect lake home: The pan hill green way that gets a citizen to expect fully, want unlock eventually mysterious veil! On June 17, shenzhen city town manages and execute the law integratedly green line of mountain of bureau organization pan opens day of activity, uncover scenery of secret green line ahead of schedule. The reporter understands, pan mountain green line will be at the beginning of this year July enlightened try move. At the appointed time, this is located in green line of the foot of mountain austral body of hill of cloth heart hill and Chinese parasol mountain to be linked together can look down at the light green of essence of life with Shenzhen panoramic reservoir, will bring brand-new green line experience for dwellers.
   Bear the weight of green line of mountain of pan of Guan Zhengrong years is located in second line ” Yang Taishan – Chinese parasol hill – gallery of zoology of level ground the land of country ” , park of community of result emerald green lake, hill of classics cloth heart, second line patrols road, come eventually sanded bay road, full-length 7.07 kilometers (among them masterstroke grows 6.59 kilometers, path of mountain-climbing of cloth heart hill grows 0.48 kilometers) , it is a safety, beautiful, comfortable outskirt feral condition green line. Cent of this green line along the line is lake of open interest of the your beautiful writing that reflect variety, mountain forest, hill to fold emerald green pull with green corridor get the better of 4 themes paragraph, include the many tourist attractions such as in sight of hill of dak of glow of wind-bell canyon, dwell, lake, combine content couplet net to jockey management, intelligence guides the system such as illume of travel, wisdom builds wisdom green line, cultivate flat of belt of aquatic of outfit of pool, osmotic shop, filter, landscape to wait for a series of rainwater through rainwater sponge of catenary design construction green line, environment of zoology of hill of continuance phoenix tree, compose builds complete green gallery, what bring a paragraph of novelty for citizen tourist is naughty ” gold ” brigade. Rather he is green the method is different, pan mountain green line closes pan mountain second line to patrol to rebuild on the road in second line formerly, also withheld the martial distinguishing feature that second line involves. In green line along the line, 5 is in post police box and a paragraph of 192 meters second line to close purse net to serve as historical memory, this paragraph closes purse net to be called course of second line cause, and booth of the place have a rest also name second line booth. The hope can let while the citizen is taking green course, also can experience once the years that second line closes that paragraph of extraordinary.
  AI guide accompanies green line of mountain of pan of your amuse oneself another big characteristic is whole journey Wi-Fi enclothe, can hold 2000 people at the same time online use. Regard a Gao Zhihui as green line, in artificial intelligence and big data add hold below, the citizen visits pan hill green line is more convenient. Understanding, along the line of pan mountain green line in all node of 13 place landscape, 8 tourist attractions install amid AI interactive terminal, it is 6 big themes according to tourist attraction characteristic and crowd cent, it is warm-up theme respectively (sanded bay road enters the mouth, emerald green shade road enters the mouth) , theme of children amuse oneself (Tong Quyuan) , theme of old people activity (Sai Yuanting) , vigor campaign theme (dak of one class dak, 2 class) , popular science theme (double bridge garden) with photography theme (lake hill in sight, give attention to two or morethings different age paragraph amuse oneself experience of the citizen. What these carry artificial intelligence having AI is interactive the abundance of big screen function exceeds absolutely you imagine. Be like, environmental data is begun to monitor inside garden area, but data of weather of synchronous Shenzhen observatory, intercurrent cloth athletics goes an index to consult for the tourist; undertakes circumstance of stream of people monitor, be in with heating up strive to show interactive big screen, the tourist can examine; of distributinging condition of each passageway stream of people, car in time to make face of choose and employ persons identifies a technology, the tourist can brush a face to examine his athletic index, use up how many calorie to be checked know, OK still proper motion or order programme show animation of knowledge of program of huge campaign fitness, recreational recreation, popular science to wait for content.
More admirable is, of green line ” intelligent speech elf ” , return the viatic small guide that can become you, the tourist needs to well balanced in the view scene of along the line alternant sound box sends one’s respects to antonym sound only ” hello, green canal ” , can wake up an elf, can chat with the elf, dot song, advisory weather, perhaps let it give the child taletelling. Even if be a person itinerary, also no longer alone. In addition, one serves the new fund APP of green line of Yu Tao golden hill to be about to give heat, it reflects green line condition can intuitionisticly not only, the weather that still can sow green line of newspaper pan mountain at any time for the people changes. High-tech ensures the go on a journey outside safety to play, especially outdoors, a lot of people care safe problem most. For this, green line installs pan hill a series of wisdom hardware, be full of high-tech everywhere, person of cogent safeguard tourist is safe. For example, go in green on the road, can see the street lamp of road both sides. It and common street lamp are different, street lamp lever carried many instruments, it is the lever of wisdom street lamp of syncretic of a many lever, besides illume, it is compositive still the function such as monitoring, broadcast, Wi-Fi. Current, green line already installed monitoring network to photograph machine resembling a ball 103, all-around enclothe whole green line; to deploy high-definition day and night video monitoring establishment and system, ; supervisory system moves to still can pass A I wisdom to analyse the order that maintains division of green line scene effectively below the superintendency of platform of public security monitoring, protect tourist security.
Not only such, green line still installed camera of stream of people, administrative system passes density of the tourist number inside area of photography image statistic, crowd, make multiform etc, for guest discharge statistic the analysis provides scientific and decision-making basis. After exceeding certain capacity when green line passenger flow, but seasonable early-warning stops a tourist to enter, undertake proper tourist billabong deal with. Enter the summer, weather of Shenzhen rainstorm typhoon begins increase, green line deployed edge slope to monitor amiable elephant to monitor a system, make sure with high-tech method the tourist avoids the harm that suffers geological disaster. With atmosphere the system that monitor is exemple, its can undertake environmental data intelligence is collected, the system carries intelligent sensor but round-the-clock be like wind direction of temperature, PM 2.5, wind speed, illumination to wait to each crucial essential factor in the environment undertake monitoring transmission, and as synchronous as data of Shenzhen observatory weather, release motion to give an index to offer tourist reference. Will become   of model of Shenzhen green line on June 17, standard of place of first green line construction — , ” green line construction is normative ” come on stage, made clear outskirt wild model, zoology, demand of the construction principle of city green line, construction and specific target, will offer exercisable standard text version for green line builder, controller. According to introducing, ” green line construction is normative ” refine respectively, quantified swim facilities of path system, green corridor system, service the specific construction index that wait, the zoology sex that stresses green line, connect gender and a security, avoid from take precautions against natural calamities the respect such as danger, current security, zoology safety and establishment safety, the safe demand that builds to green line has special provision. In addition, ” green line construction is normative ” return aggrandizement the demand of zoology environmental protection that green line builds, the point of view that changes urban construction from Shenzhen wisdom raises the new trend that green line develops, derivative Shenzhen green line builds green line wisdom to change the innovation train of thought of systematic project. As near future Shenzhen green line builds the window project of promotion, pan mountain green line is being built and later period is carried out all the time in perfect process with fulfil ” green line construction is normative ” concept, pay attention to zoology environmental protection, implementation economy and nature are high grade the biggest change, make model of Shenzhen green line. Science and technology is enjoyed in the service convenient, natural glamour is comprehended in motion, the footstep of beautiful scenery of nature of recreational motion follow. Such wisdom cleans out golden hill green line bonnily again, how can you make a person enchanted? After trying operation, go quickly amuse oneself! Know much DAmuse oneself strategy has closed pleaseCross access line: Take 64/B 696 public transportation to public transportation division of 7 detachment life, entrance of Cong Cuiyin road enters   of green line; to take E32/M417/M476/M559 public transportation to Sha Wan public transportation terminal, via Sha Wan coming south sanded bay direction the road enters the mouth enter pan hill green talk.    Circuit recommends: Recreational on foot (ride a) : Pan mountain green line is green shade the entrance — , Sha Wan enters the mouth, 2 hours make an appointment with when needing on foot (1.5 hours make an appointment with when riding to need all right) ;   travels: Wild park of outskirt of cloth heart hill — , Shenzhen reservoir — , look at the bridge greatly. Note: Reservoir a section of a highway, the tourist walks notice to protect by way of of environmental;   to watch a tourist attraction please when green line more, need   of; of time of reasonable arrangement play along green line dish hill and on, have certain brow, ride a difficulty coefficient is big.   Node of 13 place landscape 3 dak   Pan mountain green line these dots that play card understandEmerald green shade this dak is dak green line the first node, build have zoology parking lot and establishment of service of form a complete set, stand by emerald green shade road, friend name is emerald green shade dak.
  Golden hill wells balanced golden hill booth is located in green line apogee, have case of traditional mountain south wind, but the beautiful scenery of overlook Shenzhen reservoir and Chinese parasol hill, couplet letting a person thinks of ” green water green hill is golden hill silver-colored hill ” concept, golden hill implies the name of pan mountain green line again.
  Pan pulls beautiful platform to be located in half half way up the mountain, can look down at the scenery of Shenzhen reservoir and Chinese parasol hill, all pull pan hill beautiful scenery, pan takes friend name beautiful.
  Wind-bell stage is located in wind-bell cereal altitude, can admire wind-bell cereal panoramic, friend name wind-bell stage.
   Hua Xiting is proximate wind-bell canyon, hua Xi folds waterfall, environmental quiet and beautiful, friend name spends brook booth.
  Tong Quyuan uses current situation great lawn, according to different age paragraph children game characteristic installs children bunker respectively, configuration seesaw and climb climb frame wait for establishment. Use landform to construct careless slope, install climb climb establishment and castle, it is a small visit a garden or park that fills Tong Qu, friend name Tong Quyuan.
Think of a source to well balanced this is to be in open activity platform, with Chinese style design wall of scene of shop outfit, Chinese style is characteristic, on scene wall quarter have ” source ” word. Can look at from Sai Yuanting foster deep harbor the Shenzhen reservoir of two ground, never forget where one’s happiness comes from, friend name considers source booth.
Green line of mountain of pan of dwell glow dak one class dak, the setting rests field, whole Shi Shuchi sits covered corridor of stool, plant and establishment of relevant form a complete set. Dak Chao Dong, but the tourist attraction such as temple of law of arboretum of lake of overlook celestial being, great. In the morning, the sun is eastwardly rise, in dak lofty or bottomless of rays of morning or evening sunshine of temple of law of arboretum of lake of considerable celestial being, great, xia Yi of friend name dwell stands.
Mu Fengting is located in green line middle, the space is open, there is southern Asia principle columns of a hall by, walk along here to rest a little from start, cool wind blow gently, imply ” drunk of wind of green Congchun warm wash one’s hair ” poetic flavour, wind of friend name wash one’s hair wells balanced.
Double bridge garden is located in red to make the same score quick way between two trestle, it is small visit a garden or park of one place characteristic, installed the popular science education such as establish of species of plant of concept of sponge town organisms’ habits, characteristic to reveal, bring contain to teach Yu Le’s amuse oneself the experience to tourist.
The corner that green line of in the future of lake hill in sight is here is nodded, scenery of lake hill in sight is beautiful, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave making a person, friend name answers Wang Ting.
Second line wells balanced this Duan Ludao withheld a paragraph of second line to close purse net to serve as historical memory, call line of second line reason, name of friend of booth of the place have a rest second line booth.
Crape myrtle wells balanced the place wells balanced for characteristic cogongrass, because somebody alls over Zhi Ziwei here, already formed beautiful view of certain dimensions crape myrtle at present, friend name crape myrtle booth.
  This dak combines sanded bay dak the current situation patrols the slope side the tall difference of road and form of experienced car place, set structure of zoology to earth up, combine building and natural look, build have zoology parking lot and service post, approach sanded bay road, place name attribute is stronger, dak of friend name sanded bay.
  Lake hill in sight this is the platform with green the oldest way, the place line of sight is open, the natural beauty of lakes and mountains such as reservoir of hill of arboretum of celestial being lake, phoenix tree, Shenzhen all stops eye ground, in sight of hill of friend name lake.
  Wind-bell canyon cleans out the characteristic tourist attraction of golden hill green line, all the year round brook current passes, with ” Hua Xi of wind-bell glen · folds waterfall ” to design a concept, it is characteristic breed with wood of chrysanthemum wind-bell wood, kermes wind-bell wood, violet beautiful wind-bell, through lowing canal of pace, little arch bridge, blue bricks serves as guide, build give to portray integral move of beautiful of strong, effect time model footpath admires the beauty of flowers to have a rest all right platform, friend name wind-bell canyon.