Dispatch of collect lake home: Although the Summer Solstice just passed, but the athlete is mixed to athletic warm blood passion however not subsidise. On June 22, “Cup of Wo Erwo car ” eleventh center of Yu Luohu tennis of station of Shenzhen of invitational tournament of organization of Tsinghua EMBA tennis is held, attracted 30 teams contend to contend for a coronal in all, for tennis amateur people the tennis match that brought a Gao Shuiping, high standards. It is reported, a spare tennis contest held 10 successfully already since establishing 2008, at present the contest has become norms of match of organization of countrywide spare tennis most, person enrages highest, team most the important match of flourishing. Eleventh whole nation of invitational tournament of organization of Tsinghua EMBA tennis sets 3 stations in all, it is Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing respectively, the match takes part in the match the team predicts to achieve 135, the number exceeds 1500 people. Be worth what carry is, in the 30 detachment five that stand in this second Shenzhen, gathered together elite of each district talent, include university of people of university of Tsinghua university, Hong Kong Chinese, Zhongshan university, China among them in all 6 EMBA delegation, 8 colleges and delegation of Party and goverment officials and include coronal name delegation of car of cooperative business Wo Erwo inside delegation of 16 elite business. After passing daylong intense competition, red line of Zhongshan university EMBA wins EMBA group championship, group of blessing field office wins championship of college office group, team of science and technology adding up to prosperous wins championship of business elite group.


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