Dispatch of network of collect lake home: In June 21, 22 days of evening, concert of prenatal education of the 19th international is in the Shenzhen that by Fu of Shenzhen far east great theater of paediatrics hospital, Shenzhen sponsors jointly Shenzhen great theater is played. It is reported, concert of current prenatal education is with ” for love sound ” the grand ceremony of commonweal prenatal education that gives priority to a problem, mom of 3000 accurate pa spent a 90 time the brigade of nostalgic music. Shenzhen great theater loved happy philharmonic society to perform classical, nation, popularity eye of music of prenatal education of 3 series canto, include ” sinfonia blocking the door ” ” Hua Zhiyuan dance music ” ” happy serenade of bowstring of G major key ” ” the Silk Road ” ” the brook drips water ” ” orchid of flowers and trees ” ” Taitannike ” ” century plant. The stage appearance with high quality spot and aural experience photograph are united in wedlock, accurate pa Mom and fetal darling roam in musical ocean together.


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