Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Today, the our city nearly 80 thousand 3 graduate at the beginning of the name begin him in life first final examination — in one’s deceased father. The reporter understood in interview yesterday, our city 142 therein one’s deceased father take an examination of a dot to already had made adequate preparation, the service that provides considerate gentle heart for examinee. Harships passageway has built a reporter to was in yesterday Luo Hu is advanced ministry of junior high school of river of middle school bank takes an examination of a dot to see, full inspection debugs system of directive of the monitoring establishment of the school, broadcasting reach the designated position, examination paper keeps the penetralia, infirmary, room that take an examination of Wu be all set. Clarity of card of electron of examination room doorway indicates information of examination room number, the large electron screen of the school also broadcasts photograph the central Shaanxi plain to inspect message in scroll. According to atmosphere bureau forecast, during be being taken an examination of in, Shenzhen area can have short Shi Lei showery or cruel wet is angry. Reporter from billows of middle school of civilian smelt metal, view 2 medium, Xin Huazhong learns, the many understanding checking a place such as middle school of Luo Hu foreign language arrive, the school is examinee people built harships passageway, arrive from the school gate examination room, the student won’t be drenched basically by rainwater. Each took an examination of a dot to still prepare towel, school uniform, umbrella to wait, below the soup such as rainstorm, wringing examinee can in time change the dress, reduce the happening of the cold. Additional, take an examination of a dot to still be a society kind signed up to arrange special anteroom with the examinee of other school. Psychological teacher and school doctor are on call the Chen Xiaomin vice director that Xin Huazhong learns to be in charge of the job that take an examination of Wu introduces to the reporter, this school has 31 to try this year room, 2 reserve try room, have come from school of experiment of Hua Zhongying of this school, dragon and society kind examinee in all 916 people. For better incentive examinee, on the big screen of school doorway, take an examination of from which time the 3rd day to rise, roll the originality that broadcasts this school to film for the student cheers a photograph everyday, for 3 examinee are cheered first encourage. Be in in during taking an examination of, the psychological teacher of this school and school doctor also are at any time on call, if examinee has sudden state, can get seasonable cure. View billows 2 in Director Tan Yuzhao tells a reporter, the school should welcome the candidate for an entrance examination of 750 this school not only this year, still will add up to to come from schools of 5 run by the local people many 1100 examinee provides a service. To consolidate management, school of each run by the local people already all arranged school bus to be in charge of receiving send examinee, school school bus already did very safe examination to reach send the program that studies a line. Watched billows yesterday 2 in already did each preparation work, ensure offer safety to warm the safeguard of the heart works again for examinee, aid examinee take an examination ofing to give good result.


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