Dispatch of network of collect lake home: “Now unless solution is normal door formalities is a bit troublesome still, if tax bureau can help us as far as possible much link bales, one-time the service that provides a formula to change is good. ” during the taxation this year publicizes a month, the representing of medium and small businesses inside collect lake area under administration goes up in informal discussion of duty look forward to, the hope can roll out formula type service, implementation of the enterprise that help strength is convenient change do tax. What demand serves namely is oriented. Revenue of collect lake division is aimed at this one demand of taxpayer, act quickly, through crossing a branch close cooperation, comb business flow deep, solid had done try to find out the real intention survey, focusing ” block a dot up ” key breakthrough, try a certain number of formula type services, drive relevant business hard deal with on net of whole technological process, make an enterprise much go ” network ” , go less and even do not go ” driveway ” . To roll out new move as soon as possible, division revenue passes Luo Hu to be visited randomly, center the channel such as analysis of have an informal discussion, data, understand adequately, the worry that masters taxpayer to be encountered when conducting day-to-day business, and focusing blame is normal door maintain, cancel duty Wu to register wait for the daily difficulty that ask for a canal, organize early or late hold a seminar more than times 10. In the meantime, long to time span, involve the problem such as many business system to discuss simplify settle way, comb gradually piece break camp, compositive data, press a file, one key inquiry, brief punish ” bale ” train of thought. Be worth what carry is, for with the biggest change convenient taxpayer, contrast carefully working standard, revenue of collect lake division combs detailed list of matter doing tax afresh, flow of work of give somebody a new lease on life, get through each other associated business system, expend kind of information through integrated and different duty, make system and business are united in wedlock cheek by jowl. Revenue of collect lake division collects management the staff member tells a reporter related the division, to ensure business is dealt with ” an an entrance, exit ” , area of one party of revenue of collect lake division extremely report to upper section ask for instructions, participate in build design of project demand, function and business flow; Produce the working advantage of basic level a gleam of on the other hand, communicate connection in time with taxpayer, trends masters them do duty to appeal to beg, active feedback builds an unit to the project, help enterprise promotes a project to build the effect. “Current, we are taking an active part in partial formula type to serve the early days of the project to build the job, this is we simplify this year the flow doing tax, significant move that promotes a service qualitative effect. ” revenue of collect lake division expresses to the reporter about chief, next, revenue of collect lake division is returned the unified deploy according to city bureau, exploration of reliable and orderly ground expands ” formula type serves ” limits, promote taxpayer ceaselessly do tax convenient quality, strive for new formula new move as soon as possible be born is carried out, the enterprise that help strength is more convenient do tax.


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