Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Recently, bamboo shoot hillock is street party of cropland shellfish community group the service center was begun ” close child add up to the home joyous — communicate effectively. Start happy family in all ” working lane, attract community in all of many 30 parent and children take an active part in. Happy home instructor Mr. Li Gongfang carries the game of paper folding above all, those who let participate in is close child people see everybody is different, everybody should include each other each other different; Back-to-back, the teacher guides everybody to pass ” my self-portrait ” game, let participator see the advantage on him body, gain self-confidence in daily life thereby. Through ” carry a ball on the head happily ” group collaboration game, the teacher lets everybody feel the power of the organization, experience arrives in a family, unitive importance. In the activity, children cheer caper, parents also are thrown among them, whole activity is enmeshed in happy and auspicious atmosphere. This working lane alleviated not only the pressure that the parent and children work to go up with study, exercised the ability that round union makes the child and parents, what also let the parent and children realise his to exist in daily life at the same time is insufficient, try in the life henceforth avoid, thereby happy communicate, joy grows.


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