Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Bring artistic service center to sponsor by Chu Shengchu ” scale and bird feather — Li Jikai exhibit ” in Luo Hu art gallery kicked off a few days ago. This the exhibition exhibited 70 hind the work that artist Li Jikai creates of late. The audience can experience the artistic color of this artist through these work. The exhibition will be exhibited to on July 22. Li Jikai was born at Sichuan Chengdu 1975, was graduated from department of canvas of Sichuan academy of fine arts to obtain master’s degree 2004, live at Hubei Wuhan now. Li Jikai is an artist that has distinctive color, the picture wind that its have feature of remarkable generation time to have intense individual aspect again already by commenter people affixed such as ” cartoon generation ” ” brutal youth is sent ” and ” ego generation ” wait for label. The figure figure that he initiated sex of a mark — the teenager of bounty of bingle of a round face, hands or feet, this teenager is his self-portrait. What his most work depicts is this teenager, and normally the circumstance falls, the picture has a person only, although now and then appear group picture, also be the ego copy of this figure. Zhang Er of poet, essayist thinks, li Jikai and go up generation artist is different. It is to be in likewise model to change the character of period, the sentiment that Fang Lijun and the contemporary form that Yue Minjun represents communicate is more intense perhaps and pressing, and the girl that the Li Jikai the wording and purpose of what one writes that looks the collect inside disposition, not good at one’s words writes, appear sober and bear. Nowadays, that does not have smile from beginning to end teenager in actual life in Li Jikai picture has been entered middleaged. The last few years, his strive is walked out of ” teenager complex ” , and artistic language and the explicit token that intermediary is broken through and be being extended is this one change, the doodle type brushwork in be being exhibited this and argil piece the level sex achievement that work is this one change. Refer these argil work, li Jikai says, these argil piece work begins creative work from 2010, basically lie between period of time to be able to be done a few, in argil, porcelain clay or undertake drawing above mixture material, come out its fire next, but of firing temperature unlike convention so tall. Look in him, the sort of painterly on Tao Pian and clay simple sense follows on cloth perhaps is different on paper, and means is OK more varied, through fire, its colour and line can consider the metabolic effect that be less than of purpose. Li Jikai thinks, this basically is with a kind more integrated kind draws. “Of course myself is more evasive the perfect sex that controls a process, it is to won’t be cared about commonly alleged too the technique that craft makes, retain the quality of a material of the painterly impulse that faces data and material itself and broken feeling however. Retain the quality of a material of the painterly impulse that faces data and material itself and broken feeling however..


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