Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Serve quality to raise quality of community volunteer whole and volunteer, build management of perfect volunteer work and team construction system, so that provide more excellent volunteer service at be community dweller better, on June 24, in river of clear water of collect lake area leader of Party committee of community of street silver lake falls, party of community of silver-colored lake of company of service of project of square company of Shenzhen city thing group the service center is in party group the service center was held enter a skill of seek by inquiry justice labour grooms activity, attracted labour of many 20 community justice to attend, include many 5 stars among them justice labour. During the activity, company project uses justice labour to groom class groom to what present justice class has a system. Groom, company project regards give a lecture as the person, of the buildup that serves consciousness in the light of the volunteer and service level rise, content includes a volunteer to enter service of a pre-construction of seek by inquiry, communication skill, follow-up follow-up to wait for relevant knowledge to undertake explaining. In grooming, the service circumstance that senior volunteer ever shared the part and new the volunteers that join did experience to share, welcome more volunteers to be able to join community at an early date in volunteer service. Groom through this, let volunteers develop field of vision not only, also grew knowledge, and knew a volunteer afresh portion of this a suit, volunteers express in succession, should be in the following community is dweller service with fuller enthusiasm in volunteer service, with spirit of Lei Feng of real operation inheritance.


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