Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Yesterday, collect lake area ” blue umbrella plans ” the ceremony that start is held in Jing Bei elementary school. It is reported, “123 actions plan blue umbrella ” build 1 namely ” three linkage ” platform, executive equipment safeguard, perfect mechanism two measure, open pedagogic lash-up to come to help groom, common sense of harm of accident of parent precaution child and lash-up come to help groom, student precaution harms 3 course accidentally. “Blue umbrella plans ” after starting, the instructor that collect lake area will establish the doctor that provides disease of center, area to control a center by center of emergency treatment of group of collect lake hospital, company and expert composition is round, for pilot school — scene shellfish elementary school is offerred face the set that teachs worker, parent and student different content public safety teachs course, content covers lash-up to save aid, daily traumatic processing, motion to harm interpose and communal and safe education to wait in all 13, and by happy scene company health center is in charge of a student fixed morning check works. Scene shellfish elementary school will be finished ” life is taught ” school of this teaching material compile and print.


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