Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Yesterday, group of water shellfish gem and association of international color gem (ICA) the autograph is made an appointment with, group of water shellfish gem will undertake 2020 ICA the 20th annual meeting. According to introducing, association of international color gem (ICA) it is current it is profit of industry of safeguard color gem exclusively and built cosmopolitan organization, craftsman of the lapidary agency of the appraisal that is engaged in chromatic gem technically by many 700 of 47 countries and appreciate, cut, mine advocate peace shopkeeper composition. ICA annual meeting is the main platform that international industry discusses jewelry trade current situation and innovation development, go to and other places of Ceng Zaimei country, France holds an ICA annual meeting. Lu Lihang of president of group of water shellfish gem expresses on the speech, current, the company that already had 30 many states becomes partner of water shellfish gem formally, will pass platform of water shellfish gem to develop huge Chinese market. Group of water shellfish gem will be held for ICA annual meeting wholeheartedly offer the the most professional, most considerate platform to serve, the super service that makes the whole world float jewelry industry business garrisons China is companionate.


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